5 Simple Ways To Never Get Cavities

Having cavities in your teeth is not only painful, it also could be very expensive to fix. Dentists charge hundreds of dollars for fillings, and for root canals which cost even more than this. So, you should to take great care of your teeth to avoid all the problems which related to having cavities and expense that comes along with them. In this article, there are five ways that can help you to avoid cavities, which can result in having beautiful and healthy teeth.

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1. Brush Your Teeth: there are many people who don’t brush their teeth enough. You should brush your teeth for 3 minutes at least, twice a day and after eating anything specially sugary. Gently brush your tongue to remove any bacteria from its surface. Good brushing is responsible for getting rid of food particles from your teeth, besides getting rid of a lot of cavity-causing bacteria. Brushing also will get rid of plaque and acids that can eat the enamel on your teeth. Make sure to use a comfortable toothbrush and to replace it every 3 or 4 months.

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Adults-Are-Just-As-Susceptible-To-Cavities-As-Kids 5 Simple Ways To Never Get Cavities

2. Floss: One of the biggest causes of cavities for most people is avoid flossing. There are many people who avoid flossing their teeth, because they think it takes too much time. Your toothbrush can only clean so much of your teeth, while the floss gets the crevices in between your teeth that the bristles just can’t get to. Make sure that even if you don’t see food particles come out with floss, do not stop using floss as you will be getting out bacteria and other things that cause cavities from your teeth.

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flossing 5 Simple Ways To Never Get Cavities

3. Use Fluoride: it is actually great in using for fighting cavities, besides protecting your teeth and even making them a lot stronger.

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  4. Diet: Try to eat more raw vegetables and sugar-free foods on a regular basis. If you are going to eat something sugary, it is better to avoid foods that are chewy or sticky, as these kinds of foods are the worst for your teeth and it can lead to cavities because it allows sugars to get into the mouth more frequently. The bacteria thrive on sugars and this makes it rapidly eat away at your teeth with the more it has available. So you should cut down on the sugar you consume for starving that bacteria of what it thrives on. Try to brush your teeth in the right way after eating this sugary food, so you don’t allow the bacteria to feed on the sugar for long.

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5. Regular Dentist Visits: this will allow your dentist to see how well you are cleaning your teeth so that he/she can give you the right advice and guidance.

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