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5 Simple Tips to Avoid Cakey Makeup

No doubt, makeup is essential to every woman’s beauty regimen. We all need to admit that it has been our savior for more than a few times. When your face looks exhausted, makeup will always save the day. However, at some point, makeup can turn into an enemy when it does not work according to our will. Remember those days when your face seems like it was covered with a cracked mask? Yes, they were not your best days for sure- not anyone’s though. When your makeup turns cakey, it is your foundation working against you.

Well, you don’t have to ditch it all together; you can’t simply do that for the one thing that stood against your acne and hyperpigmentation by concealing them. Foundations are okay to use, but the reason that they go cakey is the wrong application. And, no the product you use is not to blame. The base of your makeup needs to seem seamlessly blending with your skin; when it does not blend properly, you’ll end up having a layer of unwanted makeup on your face. Following are five simple ways that you could use for an ultimate application of your foundation. Check them out.

1 Prepare Your Skin for Makeup Application

Before you start applying your beauty products, ask yourself if your face is ready. Your makeup seems flawless when the base is on point, and you can’t have the perfect base unless your skin is smooth and supple. Thus, you have to exfoliate your skin beforehand, so the dead or dry skin is peeled away, but remember always to be gentle so that you don’t irritate your face. Secondly, apply toner to tranquilize your face and avoid its inflammation after being exfoliated. Above all, moisturize your face. Maybe it is time to apply your foundation, but hold on; we have got one more trick that will keep your makeup for longer periods. Primers are amazing in accentuating the application of any makeup tool that follows. As you use them on your lips and eyelashes, try them on your face before applying the foundation and realize the difference it makes. Some people apply moisturizers that are gel-based, and they work as efficiently, so feel free to choose whatever suits you best.

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2 Watch Out for the Shade You Pick

This mistake has unfortunately grown common among most of the girls and women; they don’t properly test the shade that they pick up at the store before buying. Or they do test, but not in the way that it should be tested. First of all, you need a natural light that will make the shade of the foundation appear as it is. Second, most of you take the easy road by stashing a portion of the foundation on your wrist or hands. Well, that is not the needed testing if you have been frustrated with your choices of foundations despite always testing them. The skin on your hands or wrist does not necessarily match that of your face in tone. Maybe your hand became darker due to the sun, or maybe your face was the actual victim, but either way; you will never know unless you give it a try. Test the shade of your chosen foundation on your face instead, and it will no longer fail you. One more thing to consider while choosing, the right foundation for your skin is neither lighter nor darker than your skin; it is the one that seems you haven’t applied anything at all. It may take you a bit longer than you are used to in order to find the right foundation, but we assure you it is worth the extra minutes.

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3 Your Skin Type and the Foundation’s Formula Should Blend

Here is one more tip that will work perfectly while you pave your way of professionalism in makeup application; choosing the right formula. The formula of the foundation you use can play a significant role in turning your makeup cakey should you choose the wrong one for your skin type. Your skin does react to whatever you apply to it, so be wise in choosing what you apply. What happens when you switch things around? Using a matte product on a dry face will accentuate the dry patches that appear on your face. Conversely, using shine products on oily skin can irritate your skin, clog your pore, and encourage the formation of acne. For example, if you have oily skin on your face, go for products that are matte because, otherwise, the excess oil that your skin excretes will make your face look shiny and turn your makeup cakey. On the other hand, products that are creamy and have a radiant finish will work perfectly if your face has a dry skin; for it will give your face the needed brightness it needs and will keep it hydrated as well.

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4 The Importance of the Brush and the Blender

There is a common mistake that causes cakey makeup, and lots of women use it; using your finger to apply the foundation. Well, this is plainly wrong, not only because it ruins your makeup, but also it can lead to unwanted infections due to the dirt or bacteria that your finger may collect. When you use your finger, you spread the bacteria all over and ruin things up, especially if you suffer from chronic acne; you will worsen it even further. The secret to avoiding this conflict is to use a foundation brush in applying your foundation; it is safer for the skin, and it also distributes the product more evenly. And, after you are done with the application, you need a damp sponge that will finish off by removing the unwanted makeup piled on the surface of your skin and give you the airbrushed finish that you are after.

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5 Finally, Don’t Do Too Much if Unnecessary

Here is the thing; applying too much of anything is never a good idea, and the same goes for the foundation. Don’t apply heavy layers because then the chances of getting a cakey makeup will increase. Besides, you don’t have to put the foundation all over your face. Most, if not all of the women, believe that foundation is applied to the whole face. This may be true if you have flaws all over your face that need coverage. Otherwise, you need to apply it only to the spots that need coverage. Your face won’t look weird because the right foundation will blend in with your skin anyway.

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