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20+ Most Popular Beard Styles for Men

 For men, beard plays the role of style indicator. Men usually take good care of their beard especially with beard growth supplements; it is their way to cut a dash. Men dressed up to the nines to grab the ladies attention. It is hard to act as or to look like a celebrity. However, anyone can emulate their styles to refine their looks.

Here are the most trendy beard styles, that men will adopt in future years.

1 Balbo

Robert Downey’s look will never be behind the times. After the Avengers and Iron man the look has become a big hit, the beard trend will remain in the limelight for years to come. It is easy to maintain and give an impressive look with such style. But, consider your face structure for adopting such a beard.


2 Clean Shaven

This clean-shaven look will never become out of trend. However, what makes it distinctive is that it suits everyone. A guy only needs to use his razor or electric razor to take out all the growing hairs. Those who belong to the corporate world will make the best use of it.


3 Circle Beard

This circle beard is better known as the standard beard. Next year, it will still remain in the limelight; the reason why it will in the fashion world is that it is easy to keep it in shape. Moreover, those individuals who need to look presentable while maintaining their beards should necessarily choose it. This look is equally popular among all.


4 Extended Goatee 

This is also known as the Leonardo de Caprio’s Oscar-winning look. Perhaps, this is what makes it the most popular and the most opted look of the year. Well, this is easy to grow and to maintain as well. The Goatee is extended downwards. Further, the side buns are completely swept.


5 Bandholz

Finally, how is it possible that Eric Bandholz style will ever be out of fashion? It was Eric’s passion that prompted him to create the beard brands, and to take this interest to the next level. This Bandholz style of the beard is what generates the real discussion for beards. Next year, most of the youngsters will opt for this look as it is marked with wildness created by the unique combo of beard and mustache.


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