5 Mind-blowing 80’s Men’s Hairstyles

Every decade is defined by the music sweeping during it, movies, fashion, idols, and technology. When it comes to the eighties, such period is mostly affected by music. It witnessed the rise of funk and electro music, and several music icons rose to fame and never came back to the ground, including King of Pop Michael Jackson, Madonna, John Travolta, Whitney Houston, Richard Gere, Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise. All of these stars and icons shaped the tenure of fashion and art in the eighties. Indeed, teenagers and young adults have patterned after their beloved icons and nailed every single style flaunted by them. Here, Pouted offers some haircuts worn by heartthrobs of the eighties that may have a huge come-back today in 2018.

1 Mullet

The Mullet is one of the most popular haircuts that was sweeping the world during the eighties. Apparently, it is defined as the haircut with shorter front and sides and longer back. Whenever the term ‘mullet’ is mentioned, people summons two pictures: a picture of a fish and another one of the insanely well-liked haircut. But tracing back to the origin of giving the haircut such a name, we found out that the Mullet went viral after a hip-hop band called Beasty Boys. Several celebrities and fashion icons wore it, including the Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

mullet-haircut-men-Billy-Ray 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

Modern-mullet-men’s-haircut 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

2 Big Hair

Who can forget the 80’s Big Hair?! Undoubtedly, music has a direct impact on fashion. That is why rock bands and sub-genres bands, like metal, some of which were called hair bands during the eighties, including Mötley Crüe, Bon Jovi, and Poison, were defined with an edgy style: leather jackets, wide belts, tattoos and Big Hair. We would not get surprised by male rock stars from the eighties revealed that they have a budget for hairspray alone. So, if you are an eighties kid or you are just fascinated with the era’s ability to change the whole course of music and fashion, let your hair grow longer. Then, fluff it and add volume to it. Oh, and do not forget your wide belt and black leather jacket to complete your rock star vibes.

Big-Hair-metal-Whitesnake-in-1987-675x664 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

big-hair-hairstyle-men-675x1013 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

3 Jheri Curl

Named after its inventor Jheri Redding, Jheri Curl was the most remarkable hairstyle that was sweeping among African American men in the eighties. As mentioned before, music directly affects fashion and style; teens and young adult pattern after Pop and Hip-Hop stars. Apparently, Jheri Curl was rendered famous by King of Pop Michael Jackson as he released his short movie Thriller. The song topped off the charts and so as the haircut. Not only did Michael Jackson nail the haircut but Lionel Richie, the lead singer of the Commodores, wore the haircut as well.

jhery-curl-Michael-Jackson-675x488 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

Trey-Smith-Short-Jheri-Curls-men-hairstyle-675x1016 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

4 The Shag

The Shag has been popular among both sexes. Created by hairdresser Paul McGregor, Jane Fonda’s character Bree Daniels first wore the suitable haircut in the movie Klute in 1971. The Shag is all about letting your layers and fringe hang loose. At first, make sure that layers of your hair on the top are relatively short and gradually go longer. To nail a pageboy look, it is preferable to go for rolled under graduated sides.

Jane-fonda-Shag-hairstyle-1 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

long-shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-675x757 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

shaggy-hairstyle-for-men-2-675x900 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

5 Wet Look

The wet look has preserved its position among other haircuts since the forties. It has been present in every decade; it doesn’t drop out of hairstyle catalogs. Men have always tended to wear the combover to give the impression that their hair is still wet. Perhaps the wet hair look goes parallel to the fact that most ’80s heartthrobs were rebellious characters. It is inevitable after a period of hippies who dominated the ’60s and ’70s.

greasy-hairstyle-men-Colin-Farrell-Haircut-675x1013 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

men-wet-look-hairstyle-675x1013 5 Mind-blowing 80's Men's Hairstyles

Always opt for the haircut that complements your face, features and skin color. You do not want to look like you are John Cena in a chick-flick. A hairstyle is in much need to make you look hotter and more handsome not make you look bizarre. So, tell us which haircut you like in the comments section down below.

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