5 Landscaping Trends to Consider

If you are thinking of giving your yard a makeover, you may be looking for inspiration. The good news is that several landscaping trends are available for 2019 which you may find useful. You can take a look at these trends and see how they can be put to use to help you revitalize your outside space.

On our list of 2019 versatile landscaping trends, there is something for everyone, from nature lovers to those who want a yard that does not take much effort to maintain.

Promoting natural plant life

This is a hot trend across the country. People are trying to encourage the growth of plants that are native to where they live, rather than opting for more exotic species. The folks at Wikilawn spoke about this trend, in relation to the people of Phoenix,

“Phoenix residents are actively seeking to preserve the natural landscape and its native plants. In addition to helping sustain our environment, these plants thrive in an arid climate and surround our homes and businesses with bursts of color and artistic shapes.” This trend is not restricted to Phoenix or any other area. Its popularity is growing across the country.

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Embracing technology

Technology has turned a primary aspect of our everyday lives, and it’s playing an ever-increasing role in landscaping. Robot mowers have been developed although they are still not commonplace, and their efficiency needs to be improved. Some developments in this area are very much up and running though. It’s possible to operate pool controls using a smartphone, and there are many useful gardening apps out there. It seems likely that technology will continue to be a trend for several years to come.

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Taking the low maintenance option

Not everyone loves to spend hours maintaining a yard. The low maintenance option is very much on trend for 2019. Many people want a yard that looks good but does not involve much effort and a lot of time, to take care of. There are several tips that can help you make your garden more low maintenance, including making use of mulch and drought tolerant plants.

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Supporting pollination

It’s common knowledge that bees, butterflies and other pollinators are having a hard time of it lately. As a result, many people are feeling the need to take better care of the eco-system in their yard and creating pollinator gardens. Creating an environment that is pollinator friendly does not only mean that you can have a beautiful space where you can spend time; it also means that you are helping to protect the planet.

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Adopting asymmetrical design

A big trend for landscaping, in 2019, is the move away from the symmetrical garden design. This does not mean that fewer design features are involved; it simply means that the overall feel is more fluid and less formal. This seems to be an ideal vibe for the yards of modern homes.

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If any of these trends have inspired you, why not start planning your yard makeover. There is no time like the present.

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