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5 Herbal Tea Infusions to Keep Winter Sickness at Bay

A warm bed and a cup of hot coffee are what makes winters a favorite season for many of us. Sadly, this season also brings along nasal congestion, cold, flu, headaches, and constant lethargy.

However, if you were to go according to the famous saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ you can actually enjoy your favorite season without gulping downloads of pills and syrups. Taking precautions and extra care of yourself will help you stay healthy throughout the season, and the best way to go about it is by consuming herbal tea infusions.

Herbal tea infusions are a natural way of strengthening the immune system. Making tea infusions is simple and uses the delicate parts of the plants like the flowers, leaves and other aromatic parts. (Gladstar, 2012)

We can also use fruits and herbs to make tea infusions. However, it’s important that you steep them in boiling water instead of cooking them because they lose their medicinal properties if cooked.

Sipping a hot cup of herbal fruit tea (Five Reasons You Should Have Herbal Fruit Tea in Breakfast, 2017) is soothing and provides you with the additional benefit of aromatic therapy. The sweet fragrances of herbs and fruit infusions make the healing process more relaxing and enjoyable. Moreover, hot beverages like coffee, soup, and herbal tea infusions provide you with the much-needed warmth in the winter.

Herbal tea infusions can relieve and prevent the symptoms of common winter ailments; however, they cannot cure them completely. Consult with your doctor for full diagnosis and treatment. The effect of these tea infusions varies from person to person and depend on the severity of your condition. Here is a list of five tea infusions to keep sickness at bay this winter:

1 Basic cold and flu tea

This tea infusion relieves the symptoms of common cold and flu during the winter season. Regular consumption of this tea may irritate your stomach; therefore, adjust the quantity of garlic accordingly.



Drink three to four cups of this infusion daily until the symptoms disappear. Especially, consume it before going to bed.

2 Flu-fighting tea

Flu Fighting Tea is ideal for fever, aches, cough, or a sore throat. It is a natural alternative for all the strong pharmaceutical chemicals available in the market (Hale)



3 Berry and flower spice tea

This herbal fruit infusion is an immune boosting tea that makes your body less prone to falling sick and getting under the weather. This tea is a combination of different herbs, fruits, and spices. (Justis, 2017)



The herbs and fruits used in this infusion help the natural defense mechanism of the body to fight against viral infections and diseases. These herbs have immune strengthening properties and hence, keep you healthy and your body strong throughout the winter season.

4 Minty ginger tea

This spicy tea blend (Justis, 2017) keeps your digestive system in proper order and keeps you healthy. A good digestive circulation maintains general wellness and ensures transfer of nutrients throughout the body. Our gut and immunity are inter-connected. A healthy digestive system prevents many diseases.

This recipe makes approximately 4 cups of tea that you can sip throughout the day:



5 Sore throat tea

Blocked sinuses and a sore throat are the most common winter sickness. This tea is beneficial for soothing a sore throat and helps in opening up sinuses.



An addition of a warm cup of herbal tea infusion in your daily diet can drastically decrease the frequency and duration of you falling sick during the winter season. All these infusions are not only healthy and medicinally effective, but they are a treat for your taste buds too!

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Frequency and duration of you falling sick during the winter season. All these infusions are not only healthy and medicinally effective, but they are a treat for your taste buds too!