5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Although technology is made up of ones, zeros and circuit boards, it does have a place in the fashion world. There is a wide variety of elegantly-designed gadgets that can compliment your outfits as well as useful pieces of technology that will come in handy for any aspiring fashionista. We’ve put together a guide to these gadgets from powerful and popular smartphones to makeup gadgets that you didn’t know existed!

 1 Handheld Steamer

Many fashionistas have their methods to avoid their clothes getting wrinkled while they travel. When you’re heading out to a fancy event or an evening on the town, having to sit down in a taxi or on the subway can easily ruffle your clothes and leave a dazzling and elegant outfit look like you’ve just pulled it from the laundry pile. Instead of trying to sit in weird positions as not to disturb the normal flow of fabric, you could look at getting a handheld steamer. Handheld steamers let you steam the wrinkles out of your clothes while you’re on the go and are small enough to fit in your handbag. Many steamers also feature different settings, useful if your clothing varies from having lots of lines all over it or just one or two that you want to remove.

Handheld-Steamer-675x675 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

2 iPhone X

Most fashionistas don’t just dress up for themselves. They dress up for social media. Who can blame them? When you’ve spent hours putting together a gorgeous outfit, you want the entire world to see it! That means taking some high-quality photos on your phone before posting them to the web. One of the best phones for taking selfies or full-body photos of your outfit is the iPhone X. The iPhone X has dual 12-megapixel cameras on the rear which are great for taking brilliant photos of yourself or your fashionista friends. There are some good deals for the refurbished iPhone X which you can check out here. The refurbished iPhone X will have all of the features you want like those cameras, the Super Retina display, and the long-lasting battery life, but it will be a bit more affordable.

iPhone-X-675x675 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

iPhone-675x450 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

3 Stylish Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re a fashionista who loves to listen to music, then you will know that it’s difficult to find headphones that offer audio quality but are lightweight enough to carry around. You’ll also want them to compliment your outfit – when you’ve matched the colors and patterns of all other parts of your outfit, it isn’t helpful if your headphones are bulky and don’t match. There are lots of stylish Bluetooth headphones that you can buy, however. Most Bluetooth headphones are small enough to fit in your purse or your pocket and offer several hours of battery life. You can also go here to look at some of the most stylish headphones. There are gold headphones, headphones with nice silver accents, and there are over ear or in-ear headphones to choose from. There’s so much choice, and you’ll be able to find something that pairs well with your outfit.

Stylish-Bluetooth-Headphones-675x451 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

4 Amazon’s Echo Look

You’re probably familiar with the Amazon Echo smart speaker which acts as a personal assistant. You can ask the Amazon Echo for weather updates, information about your schedule, you can order products from Amazon too. However, there’s also the Amazon Echo Look which performs these features, and it can also assess your outfit. The Alexa assistant becomes a fashion assistant will provide input when you’re comparing two outfits, and you can also take full-body selfies and short video clips to help you track your outfits and what’s in your wardrobe. The Amazon Echo Look is a bit more expensive than the normal Amazon Echo, but you can read this review for more information before you buy.

Amazon’s-Echo-Look-675x450 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Amazon’s-Echo-Look-1-675x457 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

5 Makeup Brush Cleaner

Dermatologists recommend that you clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. This prevents your brushes from having a buildup of product to help keep your skin healthy and to ensure effective makeup application. It’s pretty difficult to get photo-worthy contour if the brush is caked in makeup you used weeks ago. While there are lots of DIY solutions you can use for this, such as rinsing your brushes in warm water, you can make things easier by getting a makeup brush cleaner. Beauty gurus explain that there are lots of models of makeup brush cleaners to choose from. There are some with spin technology that makes the cleaning process super quick and silicone cleaning tools that don’t use electricity.

Makeup-Brush-Cleaner-675x675 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Makeup-Brush-Cleaner-675x675 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Makeup-Brush-Cleaner-675x450 5 Gadgets Every Aspiring Fashionista Needs

Fashionistas have a lot more to think about than just putting together a great outfit. However, these gadgets should make it a lot easier to be a fashionable person.

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