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Top 5 Most Expensive Face Creams in 2018

Women never stop trying cosmetics to look their best; they are known to be obsessed with taking care of their own beauty. Some women’s obsession actually escalate to being addicted to undergoing plastic surgeries constantly, but not all of them can afford this kind of surgeries, so they resort to creams instead. We are not saying that these creams are inexpensive, but some women believe that high prices mean high quality. And since face is the most obvious part in a human’s body, a lot of women don’t mind spending good bucks on face creams to get the best results. Check out this list of the expensive face creams in the market.

1 Cle de Peau Beaute Synactif Intensive Cream

This face cream costs $1000. It it pretty expensive, but the thing is, women still spend their bucks on such pricey face products. This cream contains green tea and vitamin E; ordinary stuff that you can purchase from any drugstore, but the brand name is probably the reason for the price to surge that high, and not the quality.

2 Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream

This cream costs about $420, for it contains 24 carats of real gold. The other ingredients are ordinary ones such as pineapple juice as well as lactic acid; this mixture helps in healing the skin and reducing any stress you are facing drastically. It might not be that affordable, but it is worth the price since it guarantees you some peaceful moments.

3 Orchidée Impériale, Guerlain

Here is another face cream that costs about almost $1955. The brand name, Guerlain, is big enough to set such an insanely expensive price for a face cream. The advertisements of the cream claim that it promises you a clarification for all your skin problems, regardless of its tone or type. Maybe that is why it costs that much, for it is worthy.

4 Creme Royale, Orlane

Here is a cream from Orlane that costs $650. And that is because 24 carats of real gold is included in it ingredients increasing its price dramatically. It also contains Royal jelly, an ingredient that promises your face real treatment from any imperfections it suffers from.

5 Precision Sublimage Serum Essential Regenerating Cream, Chanel

When we mention the brand name Chanel, you probably imagine an insanely unbelievable price, but you might get surprised that it is the most affordable cream on that pricey list, for it costs $375. This cream is used for regenerating the facial cells which indicates that it is worth the try.