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5 Best Wedding Dresses Trends of 2018

Relationships that lasts for a lifetime don’t have to be perfect, but real. Life partners need to always be true and committed to each other. A lot of couples express their love and commitment by marriage. If you are one gorgeous bride-to-be, then it is time to pick up a beautiful dress for your wedding. To make an exceptional appearance in this special day, seek what expresses your body and spirit perfectly.

Choosing a wedding dress is not as easy as it may seem, and requires patience. We are pretty sure that you are excited as much as overwhelmed, which is why we brought you out a list of 5 wedding dresses made by famous designers, hoping it will help ease the selection process..

5 Isabelle Armstrong‘s ‘Violet’ high neckline dress

If you love wearing outfits with high necks, in general, then this high neckline dress, made by the famous designer Isabelle Armstrong, will be a good flutter for you. It is made slim down to the waist, then down along the way it starts taking a fuzzy shape.

4 Lihi Hod‘s simple textured dress

This dress is totally made for you if you like simple designs, and are not into dresses with many details. Lihi Hod designed this double-layered dress using simplicity and a nice texture to make it look that beautiful and seem like it has effortlessly and smoothly slithered over your body.

3 Carolina Herrera‘s ‘Emilie’ lace-Covered shoulder dress

The designer’s name, Carolina Herrera, is solely enough to inform you how dazzling the dress is. Herrera designed this dress with a high neck and, mainly, textured in lace with an extra covering layer except for the shoulders; they are covered with a see-through material, also made of laces.

2 Vera Wang’s ‘Favianna’ chiffon-covered shoulder dress

Here is another simple dress designed by the well-recognized designer Vera Wang. The dress is covered with a layer made of chiffon starting from the neck, knotted on the front side, and going all the way down to the end of the dress. The dress’s body is covered in several layers, the top layer is textured, and another one is plain white.

1 Sachin & Babi‘s utterly plain white dress

While you have encountered more than a few simple dresses on this list, this one, designed by Sachin and Babi, is the simplest of them all. It is plain white with no texture or roughness at all. It shows great femininity and will guarantee you a bombarding look as a bride.