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25+ Most Fabulous Kid’s Bedrooms Design Ideas

Studies have shown that happy kids will always perform better at almost everything; paying attention to your kids’ passion and following them will help them find their inner peace in the long run. Studies say that when a kid has a passion that he/she works on constantly feeding it, they will grow up being smart and creative. Of course, as a parent, you, definitely, are always concerned about your kids’ well-being and happiness, and there are little details that will make a big difference if you pay fine attention to it.

One of the great things you can do to your children, and they will thank you for it, is to decorate their room imaginatively.  It would be a great idea to choose a theme of your kid’s favorite cartoon character and work around it in the bedroom. You can find tons of online retailers providing all the material you need. Don’t forget to take a look at VoucherBin for an array of voucher codes on such retailers and pick a load of saving on your purchase.

1 Super Mario Room

This is such a beautiful design for a kid’s bedroom. The Mario-Themed room is consisting of all-green walls with yellow spots. Even the clock numbers will be amazing if they are shaped as Mario-themed icons, instead of regular numbers. The good thing about this room that you will guarantee their falling in love with it, even you, as an adult, might do because, after all, no matter how old you are, it feels nice to be reminded of your childhood’s favorite game.

Super Mario Room

2 Circus Bedroom

The circus is where you can share good laughter with your loved ones, and have your children around enjoying their time as well. Decorating your kids’ room as a circus is a good idea; they can use the Ferris wheel as storage for their items, and the curtains should be stripped as the circus tent. It is such a lovely design.

Circus Bedroom

3 Tree House Room

We have always watched movies where kids build houses in trees and use them as their secret hideaway. If that is the same case with your kid, then why do not you decorate their room with a real treehouse? It would be safer for them too. All you have to do is: build a wooden house in a higher place in the room, attach a secured wooden ladder to it, so they do not fall while climbing, and you are done. Now they have a treehouse inside their own room. They will definitely fall in love with it and create great adventures there.

Tree House Room

4 Ship-Themed Room

Does anyone of your childhood dream of being a Captain? Do they love the sea? If so, then this design is, from top to bottom, perfect for them. The room will have the theme of a ship where everything will be in blue and white. Since that rugs and curtains play a great role in revamping the room’s surroundings, it would be great if you paid attention to them; a blue and white striped rug along with white curtains will go perfectly with the thesis of the room. If you have more than a kid, then make the beds facing each other, so you will be able to have a higher level where you embellish the ship’s front side in conjunction with a wheel. And there you go; a perfect ship for your kid.

Ship-Themed Room

5 Forest Room

What could possibly be better than nature as a theme for a room? Even adults would enjoy such a design. If you want to create an out of the ordinary interior decoration for your kids’ room, then the forest is a way to go. At the corner of the room, build a wooden tree-shaped figure on which you can hang sturdy ropes and offer them cute swings. Also make sure that the green is the dominant color, to give that forest feeling, and color the ceiling in blue. That is a great decoration for kids’ bedrooms.

Forest Room

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