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5 Coastal Design Tips

Are you looking for some vibrant, artistic patterns for your trendy coastal home? Coastal Living is thrilling, and with an aesthetically pleasing condominium, you have all you need to enjoy a fantastic stay at a beach house. Whether you are opting for a palm leafy green theme for the exterior or a Hawaii sandy glow for the interior, step up the ambiance of your house with the following great design tips.

1 Go Natural With Fibers

When it comes to sandy beaches and turquoise waters, you want something offering a natural impact. Consider adding the smooth texture of natural fiber to your home design. Look for cool accessories made of fiber like a woven carpet or a floor rug and add it to the interior. It is a great way to synchronize your indoor design with your outdoor decor. Add seagrass fiber cushions, jute or sisal rugs for the rustic coastal appeal of your splendid house. I would also suggest you search online for innovative fiber accessories and check with a professional design firm like Brentwood interior designer for some inspiration.

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Interior-design-home-decor-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMEclecticCapeCod_12-1 5 Coastal Design Tips

Interior-design-home-decor-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMCapeCod_6-1 5 Coastal Design Tips

2 Add More Green To Your Space

Designing your coastal home is as exciting as stepping up your fashion style or visiting a top holiday destination but requires diligence and proper planning. A cool idea to perk up your home’s coastal vibe is to add more green to space. It will help create a more serene and soul soothing ambiance, which will certainly elevate your mood. Go for tropical plants, banana leaves, and palm fronds for more significant impact.

home-decor-home-garden-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMGuestHouse_1-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

home-decor-backyard-garden-and-playground-Christine-Markatos-Design_WestVillageTownhouse_6-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

Interior-design-home-decor-living-room-Christine-Markatos-Design_WestVillageTownhouse_21-1-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

3 Dress Up The Walls

For snazzy coastal vibes, consider adding colorful wallpapers to your wall, which are both architecturally impressive and aesthetically poignant. With the beach surrounding your condominium, an interior with walls done in grasscloth or natural sass will uplift the overall decor and add to a calming, more placid feel.

Interior-design-costal-home-decor-675x507 5 Coastal Design Tips

pink-white-gray-living-room-floral-wallpaper-675x506 5 Coastal Design Tips

Tropical-Wallpapers-5-675x494 5 Coastal Design Tips

4 Consider Adding Vibrant Hues

If you are looking for a colorful Palm Beach house, then opt for zippy hues that accentuate the condominium’s theme and complement the neutral vibes of the sandy landscape and coastal waters. This also works for a southern California home interior and makes your living room/ bedroom glow with vibrant shades and patterns. Look for varying contrasts of textures and hues like beige walls paired with a bleached natural-weave rug or a lush fiber cushion. Have the ceilings done in crisp white or neutral earthy tones and complement that with bright accents of green, timber, and rustic gold.

Interior-design-home-decor-Christine-Markatos-Design_WestVillageTownhouse_22-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

Interior-design-home-decor-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMEclecticCapeCod_3-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

Interior-design-home-decor-Christine-Markatos-Design_WestVillageTownhouse_24-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

5 Go For Window Treatments

For the perfect beach house, have the windows done in earthy shades and decorate them with sheer curtains to let the light seep into the rooms. In the evening, these can be kept open to allow the cool beach breeze elevate the coastal vibes in your condo. Keep the curtains drawn to let the sunlight stay away in a bright bedroom or to close off a porch. You will love the airy, openness of the breeze and the sound of coastal waves while sipping tea or watching your favorite show.

Interior-design-home-decor-living-room-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMCapeCod_5-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

Interior-design-home-decor-living-room-Christine-Markatos-Design_SMEclecticCapeCod_6-675x450 5 Coastal Design Tips

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