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5 Best Mentalism & Mind Reading Learning Courses

Magic, mentalism & mind reading tricks have all mesmerized people throughout the past years and they still have the same effect. They have been done for years, however they still have the ability to captivate anyone on the Earth even those who do not believe in magic and super powers. Sometimes we wish we could read the thoughts inside the brains of others before they talk and tell us about what they think of. We believe that our life will be much easier in that way. We will not need to wait for others to speak in order to know what they want to say or to understand how they think. Reading minds is not impossible as you just need to learn the special techniques and secrets used by professional mentalists and mind readers. The following 5 best mentalism & mind reading learning courses will help you learn how to read minds and perform astonishing mind reading tricks.

5 David Blaine Mind Reading Card Trick

There are many free magic tricks that you can find on GoodTricks.net to learn. One of these amazing tricks is David Blaine Mind Reading Card Trick. Through this mind reading trick, you can learn how to correctly predict the card anyone is thinking of without having them telling or showing you anything that can help you guess what they are thinking of. The trick is really effective and can be easily performed. In order to successfully perform this trick, you need some clever timing and sleight of hand.

4 Blue Bicycle Invisible Deck

Are you looking for an easy trick to perform? The Invisible Deck is one of the easiest and most popular tricks that you can perform to impress others and leave them completely stunned. Although it is very easy, it is well-known for its powerful effect every time you do it. Learning how to perform this effective trick does not require exerting a huge effort or spending a long time.

You just need to ask someone to think of any card in the deck you have and the named card will appear to be the only one with its face turned down. Being simple and effective has made this trick the best card trick in the world. It will make others believe that you can really read their minds and know what they think of.

3 Master Mentalism

Master Mentalism by Ryan Clark shows you how to professionally do mentalism effects and magic tricks in less than 30 days. It helps you to increase your self-confidence, learn how to move like lightning and think like the pros, know the X factor that can help you to quickly master the most effective tricks and illusions, learn the hidden techniques used by professional magicians, mentalists and illusionists and discover more secrets about mentalism, hypnotism, mind reading, street magic, card tricks, illusions, spoon bending and more secrets that can help you impress others.

You will also discover the secrets behind some of the greatest and most famous magic tricks and illusions in history such as “Hiding the Statue of Liberty by David Copperfield”, will get complete interviews with David Blaine and Criss Angel in addition to 3 free bonuses.

2 Rebel Mentalism

If you want to learn how to hypnotize anyone and read minds, then you will need to get Rebel Mentalism. This book is considered to be one of the best and most powerful books in mentalism. It is divided into two sections; one of them is for hypnosis and the other section is for mind reading. It reveals the hidden secrets behind mind reading and hypnosis. It presents hypnosis and mind reading techniques used by professional hypnotists, mentalists, mind readers, psychics and fortune tellers.

It teaches you how to train your mind, develop a 6th sense, read faces, discover human behavior secrets, see beyond the words and know the meaning behind them, know everything about anyone including personality, capabilities and thoughts by speaking to them for a few minutes, master the art of cold reading, deepen hypnosis through special techniques and tests, remove influences suggested on a hypnotized subject and correctly awaken individuals under hypnosis. This book is great for all skill levels since it covers everything starting from the basics to the most advance techniques.

1 The Revelation Effect

The Revelation Effect is one of the most powerful and impressive mentalism and mind reading tricks that you can do to amaze others. It teaches you how to know the exact name or word anyone is thinking of without telling or showing you anything. You just need to ask others to think of someone close to them and by using a special technique you can simply tell the exact name of that person. Using this special and simple technique turns you from an amateur magician to an impressive mentalist who has the ability to read minds and amaze anyone.

In order to learn how to perform this trick, you will get step-by-step instructions that reveal the secret method and special technique used to read anyone’s mind, live performances with different presentations, extra tips and mind reading secrets used by professional mind readers and mentalists to make their magic convincing in addition to 3 stunning ways to perform this trick including The Power to Reveal a Name, The Power to Duplicate a Hidden Drawing and The Power to Read Minds Through Touch. You can perform this trick wherever you are and whenever you want to any person you choose. You will also get three free bonus tricks that will make you amaze others more and more. Start NOW!