5 Beautifully Designed Property Projects in Dubai

The architectural gems that you can live in

The Middle Eastern city of Dubai is known to be home to some of the most luxurious and beautifully designed architectural gems of the world. The city never fails to amaze the world owing to its gorgeous skyline and the fascinating architectural projects that it comes up with. From the architecture of the renowned structures like the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa to the world’s only seven-star hotel – the Burj Al Arab, Dubai is a rising paradise for those that pursue urban architecture. Let’s have a look at some of the most beautifully designed residential projects in Dubai that are the epitome of beauty and luxury.

1 Muraba Residences

The Muraba Residences, located on the eastern crescent of the Palm Jumeirah is the definition of minimalist international design aesthetics. Designed by the winners of the 2017 Pritzker Prize, RCR Arquitectes, the development is known for its choice of soft colors and organization of spaces.

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In order to ensure natural light into the apartments, the open-plan living areas have been specially designed to culminate in balconies, with full-height glass doors that provide a direct connection between the indoor and the outdoor spaces. The property also provides its residents complete privacy with the help of a system of louvered glass slats molded with a rippling pattern, incorporated into the building’s facades, thereby restricting views into the residences but keeping the views on the inside looking out.

2 Palme Couture Residences

Located on the Palm Island, Palme Couture combines contemporary minimalism and clarity of detail. It has been sculpted and created in order to provide the residents with a customized experience.

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The homes feature ample light and space, against a gorgeous assortment of exquisite stones. The fourteen residential suites that Palme Couture consists of defines a uniqueness that Dubai had not witnessed before as the architects have paid close attention to views, nature, light, and balance. In order to play with natural shadows, the development features travertine facades that create unique geometric forms. The best materials have been used from timeless Italian brands. Palme Couture is organically designed for those who can appreciate nature, space, light, and design.

3 Serenia Residences

Yet another architectural beauty located on the Palm Jumeirah’s East Crescent, Serenia offers its residents tranquil living, owing to its architectural excellence and contemporary interiors. Featuring classy architecture, the homes are complimented with contemporary interiors and a modern open floor plan.

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The simplistic yet contemporary architecture of Serenia blends gorgeous vistas, cantilevered glass, and wrap-around balconies, along with floor-to-ceiling windows and luxurious finishes. The other architectural feature that makes this development better than others are the fully retractable glass windows, translucent glass panels for terraces, single panel floor-to-ceiling glass windows and floor-to-ceiling push out panels in all the rooms that have been used for the first time in the region.

4 One Palm

The One Palm is situated on the trunk of the upscale beach community of Palm Jumeirah, is a masterpiece in its own right owing to the detailed craftsmanship that has been used along with the finest of materials and finishes that has been incorporated. It hosts the most expensive penthouse in Dubai.

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Designed by New York based architects Soma, One Palm reflects modern and sleek designs. The 100 meters tall development features 90 apartments that are arranged methodically in order to provide the residents with unobstructed views while maintaining the privacy of each of them. Each of the homes can enjoy views of Palm to the north and Marina to the south. The homes are designed in a way to create private outdoor space for each of them, that is proportional to the size of the unit.

5 22 Carat Club Villas

A luxury development adding to the beauty of the iconic Palm Jumeirah, XXII (22) Carat Club Villas features a total of 22 villas on the Western Crescent of the Palm Jumeirah. The villas are designed in a way that they remind one of the Renaissance periods.

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The facades that are part of the villas are classically Italian and reflect the inspiration of the Tuscan region. They also feature stucco work, classical columns, pergolas, arched doors, and walkways. Terracotta finishes, pastel colors, handmade ceramics and wall paintings add to their gorgeousness. The interiors of the villas are beautified in a Mediterranean style, with European furniture and fittings. The environmentally conscious approach to construction as well as the creative vision of the developer to enhance all the aspects of the residents’ living experience define the flawless attention that the developer has paid to the project. Placed in a terrace structure, every row of the villas has been built on a different level.

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