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5 Bathroom Designs of kids’ Dreams

As a parent, you care about your children’s vivid imagination. As a result, you create a world that tells much about what is going on in their little minds! So, a typically elegant room or bathroom is not sufficient. And to give your kid a bathroom of his/ her imagination where they feel as if their dreams come true, a verity of choices is needed. Therefore we present 5 bathroom designs for 2017 in case you want to surprise your kids with something new, hoping this will help you make the suitable select.

5 Jack and Jill

Many mothers started to resort to neutral colors like yellow, orange and green. If you agree with this, Jack and Jill, not Adam Sandler’s movie, would be a perfect choice. This design featured on Jack and Jill of HGTV Dream Home 2010. It has been made for a purpose; it was made to display a shared, gender-neutral space without privacy validation. The bathroom’s colors are orange and turquoise.

4 Nemo themed bathroom

Sea and marines are usually linked to bathroom designs. We cannot talk about kids and marine life without mentioning Finding Nemo! But what does it have to do with bathroom designs? Because Nemo was thrown in a toilet?! Blue tiles, fish-shaped bins and mugs create cool decors.

3 Hello Kitty bathroom

Can we leave neutral bathroom designs for a second and focus on girly designs! A pink heart-shaped carpet, pink and red tiles; and hello-kitty-printed curtains with heart-shaped bathtubs are certainly worth to be considered by a daughter’s mother.

2 Make it your Kids’ Jungle

Add some bright colors to you kids’ bathroom. What is more vibrant than a colorful jungle? From monkey-shaped carpets to monkey-printed curtains, green and yellow tiles. It’s adventurous to feel as if you’re in the amazon.

1 Ducks’s bathroom

You cannot think of bathrooms for kids without thinking of yellow ducks amidst bubbles in bathtubs! We are used to such scenes in popular movies! So, how about more than some ducks in a bathtub, a duck-themed bathroom; Yellow curtains and tiles with duck-shaped carpet will get you back to the old days and are not far away from 2017 trends.