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5 Apps to Help You Save Money on Your Next Trip

Planning for an upcoming trip can be tricky. Luckily, there are great apps that can guide you (as well as your bank account) to have the best vacation in your life. Most people barely get that extra cash to save for their next trips. With student loans, rent/mortgages, groceries, other bills, and daily essentials saving seems impossible.

Regardless of how much cash you make monthly, you must look for ways to save money for your dream vacation. Here are 5 of the best apps that can help you save some serious cash. Some can assist you to monitor your monthly expenditures. Others can help save money automatically via your investment account.

1 WinWin Saving

Saving money for your next trip should be fun. The WinWin Saving App will help you beef up your savings. In life, you will get lots of chances to distract yourself using games on your smartphone. When you are on a commercial break, grabbing a coffee or on the train, you can play games. The best part is that this app will give you cash rewards every time you play these games. However, you must create auto savings in your connected bank account. The catch here is that the more your savings, the bigger the prizes. If, for instance, you save 5 dollars, you can play games to win 5 dollars. Once you accumulate enough savings, WinWin Saving app lets you withdraw any time. For the first two months, the app is free. But after that period, you will pay 2 dollars every month.

2 Mint

If you want an app that offers more than budgeting capabilities, then Mint is just perfect for you. With Mint you will be able to group all of your expenditures. So you will set your budget for different spending. The idea behind this app is to help you track your monthly expenditures like a professional. You will then decide on what expense to cut back and save that money for your dream vacation.

3 Digit

Digit is another smart app that can help you save a few bucks. This brilliant app connects directly to your bank account. It then strategically deducts small amounts of cash and credits it to your savings account. The amount deducted might seem insignificant, but when accumulated they can finance your dream trip.

Digit app will send you updates via texts. It will adjust according to your lifestyle. This means that if you tend to spend a lot, the app will not deduct money from your account. Hence it will save you from overdraft fees. That is why we started by stating that Digit is a smart money-saving app. For the first 100 days, you will use the app for free. However, after that period you will pay $2.99 every month.

4 Acorns

Acorns App is a crazy yet simple way for saving some money whilst making an investment at the same time. Its model involves rounding up your money from your daily purchases to the next $. It then invests the rest in different portfolios. As an illustration, let’s assume you spend 5.65 dollars at Starbucks, Acorns app will round that expense to 6.00 dollars. That means it will invest the 0.35 dollars. Additionally, the app gives you a chance to invest twice, thrice or 10 times the amount of those round-ups.

Hence, your money will grow fast light a flash of lightning. One highlight about Acorns is that it saves without hesitation. It further lets you select the kind of investment portfolio to credit the round-ups. As in, you have the authority to decide how your money will grow. That said, Acorns is free as long as you are below 25 years of age or/and sign up with a university email.

5 Ibotta

Ibotta is a smart app that rewards a buyer every time they shop. Once you create an account with Ibotta, the app will connect you with the best deals available at your local store. Each time you use the app to shop and save cash, it loads your account with money back bonuses. Using the Ibotta app is simple. All you have to do is to search via the catalog for whatever offer you want. Then go to that store and purchase the items you selected – as usual. Once you pay and receive your receipt, take its photo and upload it to the app. In a matter of 48 hours, you will earn cash back rewards!


Out of these five apps, is there one or two that might assist you to attain your travel goals? If so, then we wish you luck saving for your dream vacation. Hopefully whatever app you select will help you to travel all over the world. Otherwise, if you need help with essay writing, RapidEssay can connect you with a professional writer in seconds. Our writers can cover all academic styles and will always hit deadlines. Therefore, trust our essay writing services with your homework – and poor grades and dull assignments will be a thing of the past. Have a look at our website here rapidessay.com.