45 Marvelous Images for Futuristic Furniture

There are many things that change every day to make us feel that we live in the future. The new things are not limited to inventions and new discoveries, but they also extend to include furniture in our homes. Futuristic furniture makes your home look stylish, elegant and futuristic. Futuristic furniture includes beds, chairs, tables, bathtubs and even kitchen devices. They are provided with all means of comfort and luxury to add a special meaning to your life. Some of the futuristic furniture pieces will look strange to you in their shapes and non traditional to make your home look extraordinary and special in its decoration. Futuristic furniture concentrates on the theme of saving space in your home and being multi functional to be used for many purposes. We present to you here some of the most attractive and unique pieces of furniture fr your stylish home.

Zero Day Bed: This fantastic bed is a floating bed that is very light in its weight to the extent that it can be put in the sea like a boat to enjoy a happy cruise in water. It can also be set at your bedroom.

futuristic beds design fanstudio

futuristic zero day bed
futuristic zero day bed
futuristic beds
This bed can be zipped up when it is not used and you can also zip it up while you are sleeping inside it.

futuristic bed design simple and minimalist

Zip Bed
A bed with a canopy and it is provided with inner lights and a television for entertainment.

hican bed futuristic bed room

Chairs that illuminate your living room and they look elegant.

Italian plastic chairs

A bath tub with a door that can be opened.

Futuristic Bathtub

These chairs are compressed when you sit on them and when they are not used they return back to the previous condition.

compressed while sitting on

This piece of the kitchen is provided with electrical stoves and a sink in which you can put the dirty dishes to be cleaned as it works like a dish washer. The upper layer contains plants and this piece can be closed to hide the stove and sink.

Brandt Aion Kitchen

This bar is available in different shapes and it is provided with inner lights and shelves for storing things.

Fiesta Lighted Bar

A chair with a big lamp at the top to allow you to read.

chair with light

This chair can be closed when it is not used. It can be also used as a comfortable lounge.

retro and futuristic lounge chair outdoor furniture

It is like a small office room that is provided with desks and lights for illumination.

modern home office furniture

A chair with a desk.

futuristic design

A lounge with television for enjoying time.

futuristic office seating designs with on board sound system

A chair with screen. It is flexible as you can set the screen to suit your position.

Hi Tech Chair Designs and Concepts

A lounge that can be closed while you are inside it.

Top Hi Tech Chair Designs and Concepts

A table that can be used in the living room and it is provided with lights and six chairs. It can be closed after finishing dinner to save place in the room.

sharp futuristic superb dining room table

dinning table

A bed with a TV screen.

modern bed design

A rocking bed that looks like a bubble for your sweetheart.

rocking chair

Bubble Baby Bed Lana Kids Furniture

babby bubble bed side view

A fantastic lounge that can be set in the garden or on the beach.

futuristic furniture


A round kitchen that saves place in the room for free movement.

futuristic kitchen plans

This bed can be closed to be away from the surrounding noise and provides you with more privacy.


A nice rocking bed.

Unconventional Home Interior Furniture Design Ideas Private Cloud Bed Series

A lounge with shelves for storing favorite books.

futuristic design for contemporary home furniture style

A bed with growing plants for a natural environment.

ecotypic be

A cloud shaped sofa that is very stylish and comfortable. This magnetic floating sofa can also be used as a bed.


cloud bed

A bed that can be closed for more privacy and for quiet sleeping.

high fidelity canopy bed futuristic design by edoardo carlino

An elegant bed with inner lights for illumination.

futuristic bed

A nice bed for children that can be closed to allow them to sleep in a quiet atmosphere.

quinny foldable carrycot pink precious

A small office room that looks like a tent.

Futuristic Pumpkin Room Design by edg Creatives

A lounge with a computer screen.


A bath tub that looks like royal tubs.

Futuristic Bathtub Glamorous bath Futuristic Bathtub

Futuristic Bathtub Glamorous bathtub Futuristic Bathtub

This car shaped bath tub looks like a swimming pool. It can be closed and it is provided with LED lights.

modern bathtub floatation tank i sopod

futuristic floatation tank i sopod

A transparent bath tub that looks very beautiful for your bathroom.

Futuristic Bathtub Transparent Tubs Futuristic Bathtub

A rocking chair with a big lamp at the top.

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