4 Hilarious Myths, why 420 Weed Day is Named So?!

As the name indicates 420 weed day simply means to celebrate the weed day on 20th April. Well, the basic reason behind the name is not as such simple. There are different rather hilarious myths prevalent about the reasons of celebrating it. The day weed day basically features the weed festival. On this annual day marijuana joy is made by celebrating festivals that have weed as a theme. Food brands offer food with twist of a weed. Like the fun and awesomeness of day the myths attached to its name are also awesome in own regard.

4 4\20; April,20 or a Secret Police Code

Many people are of opinion that 420 basically refers to the secret police name. Well, it seems to be real too. This is mostly believed by the cannabis fans. There is no doubt that 420 has remained a very common code for secret services around the globe, there exists a considerable reason for this myth. Cannabis, fans think that 420 is a radio code that police uses to catch weed smokers.

Law Enforcement Officer with Confiscated Marijuana Plants
Law Enforcement Officer with Confiscated Marijuana Plants

3 420 Weed Day is considered to be number of chemicals in weed

It is also perceived that the number of chemicals present in cannabis is actually 420. This seems to be quiet reasonable if true, but it is not. The exact number of chemicals in the plant can only be told by the scientists but their number has nothing to do with being a cause to celebrate weed day. So, it is definitely not a true reason.

Medical Marijuana - 420 Weed Day
Medical Marijuana

2 12 x 35 in Bob Dylan’s Song

Song of the Bob Dylan is also attributed to be one reason. Well, this myth is much hilarious like Bob Dylan’s song. The number 12 X 35 makes for the 420. In Bob Dylan’s song “Rainy Day Women number 12 X 35”, this number is highlighted. There is also a chant in the song that says, “Everybody must Get Stoned”. This also something that appeases this reason.

1969: American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in concert at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival.
1969: American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan in concert at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival.

1 420 is all about a group of students

This is the story that finds its roots in validity and truth. The story dates back to the 1971 and it is about students of San Rafael High School. It is said that a group of students used to meet at a statue in school at 4:20 pm. Whether they used to smoke weed or not, but 420 became the perfect time for smoking weed. This is the reason why the day celebrated on April 20 is said to be 420 weeds day.

420 Weed Day Smoker
420 Weed Day Smoker

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