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40 Unique & Unusual Wedding Rings for Him & Her

Are you bored with the wedding and engagement rings that you always see in different places and with different persons? Do the wedding rings look the same for you and seem to be traditional? If your answer is yes, look at the following unusual wedding rings that are really completely different from what we usually see. Most of the following engagement and wedding rings are designed through following new ideas that are really unprecedented and you will find that they are really strange. Some of the designs are derived from the surrounding items and the things that we use in our everyday life.

Hello Kitty ring
Hello Kitty ring
cable & connector rings
Cable & connector rings
Superman wedding  ring
Superman wedding ring
Finger print wedding ring
Finger print wedding ring
space invaders ring
Space invaders ring
Falling star ring
Falling star ring
Round mouse shaped wedding ring
Round mouse shaped wedding ring
wood ring for him
Wood ring for him
mechanic ring
Mechanic ring
DNA rings
DNA rings
shoelace ring
Shoelace ring
wave form rings
Wave form rings
Skull ring
Skull ring
Predator ring
Predator ring

5 missed stones
picture ring

Some of the unusual wedding rings are decorated through using engraved words instead of the catchy diamonds that are usually used for making the ring more precious. There are other rings which are designed to look like cartoon characters, ghosts, machines and other things that are traditional for us to be seen in their usual place but not on a ring. Some of the rings are unusual because the diamonds are spread in a unique way while there are other rings or bands that are made of different colors in the same ring.

Wave 2440K render 542011
men unique wedding bands titanium Men Unique Wedding Bands – Masculine and Elegant
men unique wedding bands cream
realtree pink camo wedding rings

You may find that these rings are very interesting but they are impossible to be worn on your wedding or you may even refuse to get them for your engagement. Anyways, these rings are really creative and if you are one of those who do not like traditional things and always look for what is new and weird, you will like these rings.


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