40 Most Creative and Dazzling Auto Ads

Advertisements are very important for promoting any product as they help to attract the attention to it in order to increase its sales. In the field of auto industry, advertisements become essential for merchandising a car. Auto advertisements should be expressive and well designed in order to attract the highest number of people to think about the car that is shown.

The most important point about the theme of the advertisement is that it should show the main advantages of the car that can motivate a person to buy it. There are themes that are conveyed to people by using a funny ad which is expressive at the same time, this kind of ads is considered to be more effective than other ads. Below are some of the most unique and stunning ads that you can see for many automakers such as Mercedes, Chevrolet, Skoda, BMW, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford and other brands of automobiles that will really impress you.

 KIA motors: A shoelace that is not affected by gravity “escape from gravity”

KIA Motors Shoelace

Mercedes-Benz: A concert hall inside the car.

mercedes concert hall advertisement

Volkswagen: A shocked and terrified ant. 

golf sportline

Land Rover: A very strong car.

Land Rover Ecuador We know where we live

Volkswagen: The headlights turn the night into a day.

volkswagen ads
volkswagen ads
volkswagen ads
Skoda Auto: More panoramic sunroof.

More Panoramic

Renault: A fast car to go to anyplace quickly.

The Showcase of Creative Car Advertising

 Skoda Auto: Getting rid of old cars.

creative auto advertisement

Skoda: Dominos that stand stable while the car is moving.

skoda domino

Volkswagen: A very fast passenger car.

Mini Passenger Car

Fiat: Low co2 emissions to keep environment clean.

fiat panda

Chevrolet: Tsunami that is caused by phonies. Use original parts to be safe.

chevrolet tsunami

Volkswagen: Preserve the environment and keep it clean.

bluemotion rabbit

Peugeot: Ready to go at anytime with you.

peugeot ads

Volkswagen: Faster and more powerful without the need of more fuel.


BMW: Welcome to an unknown place.

BMW welcome

Skoda: On ice with bears.

Yeti Cocktail

V-kool: The most advanced technological heat system.

V KOOL Barbecue

Peugeot: A racing car.

AG 107 GT LINE 02 petit ag

KIA: Safe for the environment.

Animal Spreads

Audi quattro: It is the time for skiing on ice.

audi quattroskier

Chevrolet: A domino shaped road.

chevrolet Domino

Land-Rover: Driving in deserts.


Ford Focus: Hi end sound system with wheel mounted controls.

FordFocus Hi end stereo

Jeep: It reads your dreams. A brain shaped road.


Audi: A removed maze for seeing the car.

audi labyrinth

Audi: Bank robbers who wait for the car driver who is late.


KIA: A bracelet that is not affected by gravity.

KIA Motors Bracelet

Ford: A man who impressed by the perfect car at which he is looking.

fusion skinyguy

Nissan: Clothes that are hanged between two buildings. Nothing can stop you.


Monroe: It absorbs shocks to move smoothly and quietly.

Cards Tower o

Land Rover: Bribing a gorilla to get the keys in its hand.

LandRover Gorilla

Volkswagen: Enjoy going on a trip to the beach.

A trip to the beach

V-Kool: The best technological heat system in the world.


Peugeot: A car with 3D Sat navigation technology that makes roads and streets clear in front of you.

Peugeot 3D Sat Nav City

Mazda: A car which will make you see things in a different way.

Picasso Exhibition

Peugeot: A car which is capable of overcoming the worst roads.

Malicious Roads

Chevrolet: With this car you will be able to change the road to suit you.

Change It

Chevrolet: A very powerful car that can bear heavy loads.

Elephant Driver

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