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40 Delightful Cartoon Lip Art Designs

Applying makeup is a type of art; it demands accuracy, stability and, surely, creativity. The world of make-up is not confined to red lipsticks, winged eyeliners and contours. Cartoonish characters and ideas have come onto the scene recently, taking make-up art to a whole new level. Apparently, readers get astonished when they get introduced to such art, but definitely it is extremely eye-catching. So, Pouted is offering you some of the easiest and most applicable cartoon lip makeup art. You can add this to a sleepover party list and you can have a whale of a time.

4  Fish lips 

Who does not love that orange fish “Nemo”? Nema has been a childhood friend for many of us. So, here is a cartoon lips art tutorial, showing you how to transform your lips into a Nemo-shape like. At, first make sure that the lower part of your face is make-up free.


1. Firstly, all you need is black watercolor. Use a thin sharp brush and start from the part below your nose and draw two semi-circles around your mouth.
2. Draw the fishtail on your chin. After this, you can outline the fish with the same black thin brush.
3. Draw two smaller semi-circles inside the actual ones and leave 3 cm below your mouth without outlines.
4. To fill in the space between the rotated shapes, use white watercolour to render it vivid.
5. You will have empty space inside the rotated shape. All you have to do is to fill the empty part with orange watercolor to make it look like an orange clownfish.
6. Adding fins to your fish lips and outlining them with black water colour will make it look, more or less, animate.
7. The final touch is to add a slight yellow line below and above your lips.
Do not forget to add toy eyes to your fish lips.

3  Winnie The Pooh 

Couldn’t think of a tutorial easier than Winnie the Pooh lips tutorial. There is no outlining there or excessive use of different colors or pencils.


1. Color the middle of your both lips with yellow watercolor and make it large and a little bit wide, but do not color the whole lips.
2. Draw two tiny yellow circles right above your lips to make it look like Winnie The Pooh’s ears.
3. Fill the empty parts of the lips with red watercolor.
4. Draw two short, thin eyebrow on the upper lip and paint two small circles representing the eye apples and an inverted triangle representing the nose.
5. You can add white spots on the eyes and the nose to make it look, more or less, like light reflection.
6. Add the funky touch and apply glitter on the red parts of the lips.

2  Cupcake/Muffin lip art 

Winnie The Pooh’s lip art tutorial was a total piece of cake. Now, let’s see the piece if the cake itself was painted on our lips. Similarly, the Cupcake/Muffin Lip Art follow the same easy-to-apply order and it is super girly.


1. Paint your lower lip, that is supposed to be representing the cup, with hot pink watercolor.
2. Then paint three light pink vertical lines on your lower lip in order to render the look cartoonish and vivid.
3. For the muffin part, use white watercolor and paint your upper lip with it. It is preferable to get out the line of your upper lip.
4. Use cotton bars and apply them on the upper lip so the muffin part may look, more or less, foamy.
5. It will not look like a muffin without a cherry on the top of it. Moreover, apply rhinestone sparkles on the white upper lip with a toothpick.

1  Kermit The Frog 

As a make-up artist, Laura Jenkinson takes advantage of her talent and takes cartoon lips art to a whole new level. She paints our favorite cartoonish characters such as the minions, Stitch, Pikachu, the Tasmanian Devil and Donald Duck. You can check her YouTube channel and observe her creative and jaw-droppingly bizarre art. Here is one of her outstandingly creative cartoon lip looks. We proudly present you Kermit The Frog tutorial.


1. Take a sharp brown or black eye pencil and start with the eyes.
2. Draw two small semi-circles 2 cm below your nostrils, then draw two other semicircles to create the frog’s face.
2. Outline the lower lip and draw a collar necklace using the eye liner pencil.
3. Afterwards, draw the rest of the frog’s body on your chin.
4. Use a gel liner and go over the lines again, in order to be subtle.
5. Fill the frog’s eyes with white powder or cream stick.
6. If you are lucky enough and you have your own makeup color palette, use the green to fill in the frog’s face and body.
7. Add a small portion of white to green and fill in the collar necklace with it, so it can be a little brighter than the face and the body.
8. Once again, you should outline the primary lines drawn by your black or brown eyeliner brush.
9. Add the final touch; put two small spots representing the apples of the eye and paint the lower lip with green color.

Finally, always remember to use tested and approved products for your skin. Furthermore, you can use cotton bars to erase when the colors you apply get smudged. Anyways, in such cases, all you have to do is to wait for the color to get dry, then remove the smudged part with a cotton bar. Further, if you, dear reader, have tutorials of cartoon lips art, share your idea in the comment section below.

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