4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

When you own a restaurant, you are continually looking for ways to improve your bottom line.  Many times, you look at your payroll, the cost of goods or even rent.  You hear people talking about becoming green, or operating a socially responsible, eco-friendly restaurant and it sounds good, but you don’t know how to make it happen.

Many restaurants are adopting practices like eliminating plastic to-go containers and Styrofoam. There are even more ways that you can go green and also save some money on your bottom line at the end of the year.  Here are a few things to consider when adopting a new eco-friendly routine.

1 Go Paperless

There is some fantastic new point of sale systems that strive to be green.  Paper waste in the United States is out of control.  40% of American waste is paper, not to mention the amount of energy waste and pollution needed to produce enough paper for us.  Think about the last time you went out to dinner; did you save your receipt?  Companies like Revel Systems, offer a unique point of sale system that provides e-receipts.  Many restaurant chains are already embracing this type of technology, and you should do too.

Receipt-Paper-675x452 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

eReceipt-Phone-675x448 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

2 Study Utility Bills

Utility bills are not just a fixed expense that doesn’t need management.  There are always ways to reduce energy expenses you must look for the areas of opportunity.  Think about using energy management solutions to help you understand where those areas are.  With graphs and charts that are easy to read and understand, you can see what is working and what needs work.  Something as simple as setting your thermostats on timers, so you are not wasting energy during off hours can have a significant impact on your year-end numbers.

restaurant-energy-management-675x340 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

Restaurant-Brace-675x380 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

3 Light Bulbs

Commit to switch to energy-saving light bulbs.  Switching to LED light bulbs in all areas will cut down your electric bill costs right away.  LED light bulbs can save on average 25%-80% energy output depending on the type of light bulbs you are currently using.  Besides, LED light bulbs last 25 times longer which will reduce your supply costs as well as your electric bill.

Cargo-restaurant-Energy-saving-light-bulbs-675x448 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

restaurant-energy-saving-light-bulbs-675x506 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

4 Appliances

Consider replacing appliances with energy efficient appliances for fryers, ovens, and refrigeration.  While these appliances will cost more upfront, the potential savings you can see over the years makes the investment worth it.

restaurant-energy-efficient-appliances-for-fryers-675x465 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

supermarket-commercial-refrigeration-675x449 4 Ways Restaurants Can Go Green with Technology

Deciding to go green is an ever-evolving process, and it will take a total culture shift in your restaurant.  Make small changes to start, such as adding recycling stations and eliminating Styrofoam and plastic bags to take home.  By management taking an active role and utilizing tools such as energy management software, you can begin to see the shift happening.  Once you see results, you can even source locally grown food to go even more eco-friendly.  In the long run, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint, and are also supporting your businesses bottom line.

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