4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

Men’s hairstyles have always evolved over the years, but while there might be a few missteps along the way (bowl cuts and mullets are generally seen as hair faux pas!), men’s haircuts continue to push the envelope and show the style world new things. Perhaps you’ve had the same haircut for a while now, or maybe you simply like to try an updated look every few months, either way, you’ll definitely benefit from discovering some of the trending hairstyles for men in 2020. There’s bound to be something for men with differing hair lengths – from short and trim to lusciously long – so once you’ve got all the basic info for styling men’s hairstyles, it’s time to see what cool looks you can try out!

1 Undercut + pompadour

This style is perfect for any man who likes to have quite a bit of length on top to work with but prefers the back and sides shorter. The undercut can be as short as you’d like, but most stylists recommend a fade undercut, which means the barber will use different hair clipper lengths from top to bottom. This simply creates a nice, slow contrast, as opposed to the same length all the way on your back and sides. The pompadour can be slicked back with gel or wax to create a cool, timeless look.

Undercut-pompadour-675x736 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

Undercut-pompadour-haircut-675x675 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

2 Buzzcut

Love waking up in the morning and not having to style your hair at all? The buzz cut is the preferred choice of many men around the world, simply because it barely requires any effort to maintain. Typically shaved all one length around the head, the buzz cut can also be tweaked into something like a crew cut, which leaves just enough hair on top to style ever so slightly. However, for a summer hairstyle that looks cool and gives you a badass image, the buzz cut is hard to beat. Try it with a beard or at least stubble for a better overall style. Just like dressing for your body, always check with your hairdresser if the buzz cut would suit your face shape and even your profession. Once the hair is shaved, then it takes a while to come back!

Buzz-cut-haircut 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

crew-cut-haircut-1-675x675 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

3 Men’s top knot

For this hairstyle, you’ll require long hair, as there’s no other way! Ideally, the length is at least 6 inches long, but the longer the hair, the easier it is to work with. It’s quite an easy style because you simply have to get a hair tie and make a top knot at the back of your head (at the crown). Some men like to pair this with an undercut for a more defined top knot look, but this isn’t completely necessary. Sometimes called the “man bun,” the top knot is a cool style to try when your hair is long and well-kept. Of course, you don’t always have to tie your hair back, as your long locks can also be worn loose.

Men’s-top-knot-haircut-675x649 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

Men’s-top-knot-haircut-1-e1568626906559-675x675 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

4 Classic side part

The side part has managed to remain a staple haircut for almost 100 years! Its enduring look is tough to beat, as the side part looks great at different lengths and hair colors. The hair on top doesn’t need to be so long, but the sides and back should be neat and tidy. You’ll typically need some hair product to keep the style in place and to give your hair a nice finish. A comb is also needed to get the defined parting at just the right spot. Many Hollywood actors choose the side part because it’s simply a well-accepted image for movies, red carpets, and many social events. If you want a haircut that doesn’t raise eyebrows but gets approving looks, then the side part is for you.

Classic-side-part-haircut 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

Classic-side-part-haircut-675x456 4 Trending Hairstyles for Men to Try

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