4 Tips For Breading Your Cat

Breading your cat makes it looks with a little lionesque manes. If you are going to bread your cat, then you have to follow some tips of how to bread your cat. You should know that it is an activity of fun (see also this cat contest), so you must be careful during breading your cat and to make it safe, happy and looks cute.

  • The size of the bread should be suitable to the cat, you should be careful in choosing a loaf of average size at least an inch, so not to be larger than the head of the cat.
  • The color of the bread should be chosen to give a sharp contrast of the cat’s color and the color of the bread, white is a good choice on dark cats.
  • Choose your favorite style in breading your cat whether to make the bread only around its face or to make it around to be behind ears; the first style is prefered by many and after choosing the style, measure the head of the cat from the front and make a hole in the bottom of the bread at the same size.
  • At the end phase, you should have a partner or two to help you in breading your cat; one to hold it lovingly and make it feels safe, while the other one starts to put the bread quietly around the face of the cat, then enjoy with the new look of your cat.

Best Videos for Breading Cats:

These are some videos explaining the breading (check also these funny cat videos)


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