4 Security Tips to Stay Safe in Your Tiny House

Tiny houses are big right now. At no more than 500 square feet with a focus on simplicity and minimalism, these little guys are a great answer to the busy world we live in. Tiny houses have become so popular that they’ve created a movement. Tiny homes offer a way of living that leads to greater financial freedom, an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, and ultimately a  self-sufficient life. The tiny house movement is not only changing the way people live–but also the way they think.

There are two major types of tiny houses; tiny houses on wheels and tiny houses on foundations. A tiny home on wheels is perfect for the homeowner who wants to travel with everything they own. Built securely on a trailer, these types of tiny houses can contain all of the comforts of a standard house. In contrast, the tiny house on foundations is suited for the homeowner who chooses to build in a permanent or semi-permanent location. A tiny house on foundations allows for more design freedom, as well as the opportunity to add outdoor features such as a garden or front porch.

While great joy comes from living with less, you’ll still have a great deal to protect. Let’s take a look at some tips that will help you ensure your tiny home and everything in it is safe.

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1 Wheel Lock

You’ve probably seen a wheel clamp on an illegally parked car before (hopefully not your own). This device also prevents thieves from easily towing away your tiny house on wheels. Wheel locks typically come in bright colors to prevent thieves from attempting to steal your tiny home, and can only be opened with a special key.

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2 Hitch Lock

Without one of these gadgets, anyone with a tow bar could ride off into the sunset with your tiny house. This particular situation happened to one tiny house owner who luckily was able to get it back. While this isn’t common in the tiny house community, you’ll still want to prevent any scenario in which you lose not only your things but your entire home. Hitch locks are essentially a lockbox around your trailer hitch. Just like the wheel lock, hitch locks often come in bright colors to discourage thieves.

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3 GPS Tracking

This bit of technology works similarly to the ‘Find My iPhone’ app. Tiny homeowners can use their cell phones to track down the current location of their tiny house if it gets stolen. There are even live tracking systems that charge a flat per-month fee. Contrary to belief, GPS tracking is fairly affordable. The more high-tech you want your tiny house, the more you’ll end up paying.

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4 Alarm & Surveillance System

This should be a standard feature in most tiny homes. An alarm system with keypad entry to restrict access is always a good place to start. There are also excellent security cameras on the market that allow you to stream live-surveillance footage from afar.

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The Takeaway

The implementation of a security system is an essential part of any homeownership. With a tiny house on wheels, you run the risk of losing not only your things but your entire home. By combining several of these security measures, you give yourself peace of mind knowing your tiny house is secure.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to do some Tiny Society research to learn more about all things tiny!

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