4 Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

The technology has made younger generation more tech-savvy than their parents. Therefore, when kids and teens use tech gadgets and cyber space they don’t fully realize what they are up to. Resultantly, the youngsters are destroying themselves by using the internet and the social media platforms having cell phone devices. The smartphones are the biggest source of using instant messaging apps no time ever before. Users do text messages, calls, conversation in groups and one and one online chats by using the social apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Snapchat, Zalo, and plenty of others trendy digital media apps. Parents are in the real mess; they don’t see their kids spoiling their lives, and even they don’t know what to do when get know the wizard of social media. Today we are going to discuss parenting tips for non-tech savvy parents to look after their boys and girls.

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 How can Non-Tech Savvy parents do effective parenting?  

There is no doubt about that, they have to learn some basics to be tech-savvy to scrutinize the activities of kids and teens. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for parents to protect young kids from all online dangers and nightmares they are facing through online media. Parents have to make some ground rules even if they are not tech-savvy, but an implementation of some basic ground rules can make difference to some extent. Following are 4 parenting tips which will be enough for parents to keep an eye on the activities of kids and to safeguard them from all possible vulnerabilities.

1 Make an effective Plan

The very first and for most thing parents need to do is to make a progressive plan to fulfill all the expectations and to set basic ground rules for kids and teens for their bright future. Parents should keep in mind that the devices that they have been handed over to children are not for teens and preteen, these are for adults. Hold a pen and page and start thinking what you should do. Put all the basic steps into your plan and write it. Don’t say your kids have fun on tech-devices and leave them into their separate rooms. Do some brainstorming and research by using the internet what sort of digital dangers younger generation is facing at the moment and what sort of trendy platforms they are using on the contemporary technological creature. Once you have a list you may think, you may leave something to act upon; don’t worry it will be updated when you are in the business. When you are going to hand over the devices to your kids, tell them to put the passwords on them but they have to share with you as well. Don’t take kids for granted; remember they know the modern tech devices and platforms even far better than you. After making the plan, apply it in your home at any cost.

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2 Put Restrictions & do Positive Conversations

Make settings on your kid’s device, by visiting into the settings of cell phone and put restrictions on parental control then hand over it to your kids and teens. Parents can purchase such modern smartphone devices that offer parental control features, but these modern cell phones are not even fully controlled for parenting point of view. Resultantly, your child may come to you and say to you that they want to do particular activities. Then you can do positive conversation with your kids and teens, and you can guide them what is appropriate for them. Make a polite conversation with your kids and teach them how to use a mobile device properly without being harmed from online dangers. Explain to your kids and teens, what is the reason behind putting some restrictions on their smartphones. Your friendly behavior will make them understand why you are not letting them use certain platforms.

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3 Block YouTube

Rather than saying no to your kids, don’t activate the YouTube on their cell phone device. If they are looking for watching videos, listening to songs of inappropriate content on YouTube, this could take your kids further to get their hands on carnal content. Having YouTube application installed-by-default on the kid’s device but unable to get access to it will be the learning experience for them to behave gently. Tell your kids that when they reach the age when they can understand better what is good and what is bad for them, they will be free to do anything they want.

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4 Authorized Access

When you are going to hand over mobile phone device or PC, tell your kids they have to follow the rules and regulations. Tell them they can use the device for a specific time of period, 1 hour or two, after that the device will be submitted to you. Lock all the inappropriate apps by putting password on the apps. If they want to use a certain instant messenger that could be harmful for them, say “no”. Guide your kids what is the reason behind not permitting their use of some applications, games, serials, and websites. Tell them messaging, calls to friends and chats are strictly not allowed on the device.

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 How can parents become tech-savvy? 

Non-tech savvy parents can become tech-savvy by getting help from their kids and teens. Having a friendly environment with your kids will let you be tech-savvy. Ask them how to make a profile or account on instant messengers and how to do text messages online and sharing videos online. Make your account on instant messaging apps and then request them politely to add you to their friend list. Then start viewing their activities and guide them if you found something objectionable.

On another hand, if learning to be a tech-savvy is a tough job, parents can use cell phones and PC’s monitoring app. It is very user-friendly that even non-tech savvy parents can easily operate it. Then they can keep an eye on their boys and girls activities. Using the app, they can view messages, listen to calls, get their hand on chat conversations, and they can set monitoring preference such as block text messages, block internet, block incoming calls of strangers and can also view all installed apps on the device.

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Non-tech savvy Parents can apply these major tips to do effective parenting, and they can protect kids and teens from all the nightmares they are facing due to a modern world of technology.

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Nicki is a technology writer, security apps adviser and also digital parenting expert. She writes on latest trends, gadgets and her work on spy app for android phones. To know more about her, follow on twitter @Nickimarie222.

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