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4 Must-Try Things to Do in North Sydney


Experience an enjoyable trip with your family or friends in North Sydney. Located just across the Harbour Bridge, this beautiful region boasts its spectacular coastline, glorious beaches, amazing theme parks, and fascinating bushwalks. It has plenty of things to offer to visitors of all ages from across the globe.

North Sydney is a thriving community with tons of astounding tourist spots and thrilling outdoor activities for all travelers out there. You can enjoy an ultimate adventure there, such as swimming with the sharks, cliff top walks, surfing, and other exciting activities. A visit with your loved ones is surely worth it.

Simply choose a car rental in North Sydney to make the most out of your journey. It will be a stress-free and fun trip ahead, so never pass up the chance to try the following things once you set foot in this charming Australian suburb:

1 Walkthrough Don Bank Museum

Stroll around the legendary Don Bank Museum for a historical hideaway. If you are in search for a unique destination, then this is the ideal place for you. In fact, it is the oldest wooden house in North Sydney that was turned into a local history museum by the North Sydney Council in 1979. Nestled in a Victorian garden, it features the history of the previous occupants and the house itself.

Walkthrough Don Bank Museum 4 Must-Try Things to Do in North Sydney - 2

2 Take a stroll at Milson Park

Be amazed by the charming Milson Park. It is just an approximate of a 10-minute walk along High Street from Ferry Wharf. This marvelous park takes pride of its Jacaranda trees, which attract many tourists, especially when it is under a purple canopy. Also, you can witness the stunning view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Central Business District, and Opera House while here. Numerous things can be done at this park, including going on a picnic and strolling. You will surely have a great time.

Take a stroll at Milson Park 4 Must-Try Things to Do in North Sydney - 3

3 Pay a visit to St. Thomas Anglican Church

Make it a point to visit the beautifully constructed St. Thomas Anglican Church when in North Sydney. This gothic-styled religious institution is one of the oldest churches in Sydney. In case you are fond of seeing magnificent architecture and historical structures, then this one should be in your list.

Pay a visit to St. Thomas Anglican Church 4 Must-Try Things to Do in North Sydney - 4

4 Enjoy a day at Luna Park Sydney

Experience the magic at Luna Park Sydney and explore tons of exhilarating rides and breathtaking scenery. For those who love adventures, then this amusement park is best for you. You can get here easily and conveniently via train, bus, ferry, or car. So, hop on crazy rides, such as the Ferris Wheel, Giant Slides, and Tango Train. It will absolutely be a fun-filled day with friends or family and an experience you will never forget.

Enjoy a day at Luna Park Sydney 4 Must-Try Things to Do in North Sydney - 5

See to it that you maximize your time when you are in North Sydney. Every moment here counts, so be sure to make the most out of it. Simply take into consideration these activities specified above and you will have a memorable vacation. Plan your escapade properly and it will be one for the books!

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