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4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

Instagram is arguably one of the most significant social channels around. If as a marketer you’re not using this platform, then you’re missing out on something huge. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing social media accounts for large or small businesses. instagram promotion – is a must.

The success of your marketing strategy is dependent on a number of factors. These tips will help you gain clients and build a successful brand. Be sure to follow them.

1 Build a Community around a Trending Hashtag

Be sure to leverage this strategy on Twitter and Pinterest too.  In Instagram, this strategy is a perfect way to engage people with your content.

If you’re managing a large corporation, you have the potential to start your own hashtag. But if your company is starting out, don’t worry. You can leverage other hashtags too. The strategy is adequate to get potential clients who don’t follow you but have an interest in your product.

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2 Relate to Your Followers Needs but Remain Relevant to Your Brand

As a marketer, you need to think about the mindset of your target customers. Start by establishing a buyer’s persona. Before you create your post, understand your potential customer.

For instance, why are they on Instagram? Have a chat with their friends? Pass time? Or to check on what their kids are up to.

Let’s assume you’re selling financial consulting services. Upon careful evaluation, you notice that your potential clients love sports cars. Which strategy are you going to use to market your products? Post a picture of a fantastic sports car?

But how do you connect the sports car with your financial consulting services? Simple, through a catchy description. But don’t overpost sports car, your market may think you’re selling them sports cars.

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3 Don’t Over Post

The tip is self-explanatory. Don’t over post content on your Instagram page. Well, whereas you may be tempted to post different pictures at once, avoid the temptation to do so. This will especially be true for small institutes or businesses like See and Be Seen Eyecare, where overposting will take the business away as they would be seen as promoting their eye care business too much.

Over-posting clogs the follower’s Insta feeds. Most people don’t like it. They may end up unsubscribing for life. That means your potential for getting likes diminishes. Don’t let this happen.

As a business, the maximum number of times to post in a day should be two times or less. Also, don’t just post, understand the best time to post your content. That’d be between 8:00 and 9:00 am or at 2:00 am. That’s because this is the time that most people have the time to check their feeds.

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woman-using-laptop-675x450 4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

4 Promote Your Insta Everywhere

When creating your Instagram account, start by connecting it to Facebook. Doing so allows you to pull in your friends. At times, you may need to buy Instagram followers to increase your chances of securing likes. But that’s just a beginning.

You should also send reminders to your employees and run Insta campaigns across your social media platforms. Request your employees who’re communicating with leads and potential clients to include a link to your Instagram account in their emails. You may also include an Instagram handle in your business profile.

instagram-2 4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Brands

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