4 Easy Ways To Cure Hiccups

Surely, all of us had exposed to hiccups before. Hiccups may make you feel confused or you may become a little nervous of its continuance. To cure hiccups, there are many ways to cure hiccups such as these popular ways which works well in many times. Here we will show you how to cure hiccups in 4 ways.

1. Curing hiccups by everyday objects

  • Bring a pencil and bite down on it: the pencil should be between your teeth horizontally, after that drink a glass of water while the pencil still sitting in your mouth. Drink water as much as you can without letting the pencil fall.
  • The toothpick method: bring a toothpick, then break it and put a half in a glass of water. Drink the water slowly while trying not to swallow the toothpick, the concentration while drinking may make you get rid of hiccups.
  • The brown paper bag: breathing into a paper bag will increase the amount of carbon dioxide that you are taking in, then this will force your body to get rid of hiccups. Your body will find much more important things to do than hiccuping.

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2. Curing hiccups by body movements

  • Alert your body: stand up for a long period of time, then lie down suddenly. If this movement does not work, so instead you can lie down for a long time, then stand up suddenly.
  • Get Burping: by swallowing air till you burp.
  • Ask a friend to tickle you: if you are ticklish, this means that your sensations will distract you from hiccups. Your friend also may scare you, but it should be a good one and you should get surprised.
  • Try coughing: count the number of seconds between hiccups, when you feel it is coming up, try to cough loudly or scream. Repeat it for 3 or 4 times.
  • Close everything: close your ears by using your thumbs, close your nose by using your pinkie fingers then close your eyes and take a deep breath and keep it as long as possible.

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3. Curing hiccups with breathing and swallowing

  • Breathe in as much as you can: breathe in the air then swallow it, keep doing this till you feel that you can not swallow or inhale any more air.
  • Try the method of the open-mouthed swallowing: keep your mouth open for couple minutes and if you feel that you want to swallow, so do so with keeping your lips apart while swallowing.

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Deep-Breathing 4 Easy Ways To Cure Hiccups

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4. Curing hiccups with food and drinks

  • Vinegar or pickle juice: by drinking a half a teaspoon of either every 7-10 second till the hiccups stop confusing you.
  • Peanut butter: take a big tablespoon of peanut butter, then eat it and keep it into your mouth for 5-10 seconds. After that, swallow the peanut butter without chewing it. Instead, you can use Almond butter or nutella.
  • Using salt: by taking 1 teaspoon of salt followed by a small sip of water. While doing this, you should stay relaxed with slow breaths.
  • Sugar: take a spoonful of sugar or honey, hold it in your mouth for seconds then swallow it followed by a sip of water.

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If you are suffering from Long-Term Hiccups or recurring bouts, so you have to visit a doctor to tell you about the treatment and medications.

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