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4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs

Whether you are an extremely busy person or not, you occasionally get that dire need to totally relax and do nothing at all. Especially, if you are living in a crowded city; you will constantly get that urge to run away from your hectic schedule, every day’s responsibilities, pressure and boring routine. This relaxation time is really important and it should be an essential part of everyone’s life, for it can help in releasing the stress, liberating the negativity, and letting go of anxiety as well as all of those melancholy thoughts that never seem to go away on their own.
There are several ways for you to contemplate and relax; depending on what way you prefer the most. Some people enjoy their time reading books, others love watching movies. Some release their negative energy through dancing their hearts out, and others would prefer baking some delicious meals and desserts. No matter which category you fall into, in the end, no one can deny the impact of being soaked in a hot tub, but you know what? It does not have to be an ordinary bath; you can add so much fun to your bath time by dropping bath bombs in the water. If you are not sure what exactly those are; they are mixtures of ingredients dried up and packed as a hard substance that only froth when it gets wet. They are available in lots of colors, shapes, and scents. They are actually good for your skin too, but unfortunately, they are not always affordable. And that is why we brought you a list of creative bath bombs that you can DIY without having to spend fat bucks on them. Let’s get started and have some fun.

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4 Chocolate Bath Bomb

Chocolate is extremely delicious, and it is the second thing that girls obsess over, right after makeup products. We know that chocolate can make you gain weight like crazy if you keep on indulging it, but still, it has great benefits for your skin, so here is one way to use the skin benefits that chocolate provides without putting on any weight; a chocolate bath bomb. Imagine how your tub is going to smell. Delicious!

 Required Ingredients 
• 4 Tsp of Baking Soda
• 2 Tsp of Citric Acid
• 1 Tsp of Cocoa
• 1 Tsp of Jojoba & Apricot Oils
• 1 Tsp of dehydrated milk
• 15 drops of Cacao & Almond Oil

The essential part of making a bath bomb is to mix the dry ingredients on one side, and the wet ones on the other, so here you have to start by mixing the baking soda, cocoa, and the citric acid together. After mixing them perfectly, start mixing the wet ingredients together, and by wet we mean mix all of the three oils together, jojoba, apricot, and almond, along with the dehydrated milk. Now that the mixtures are ready, it is time to combine them together but do this slowly, so the bomb does not effervesce that early. Having combined the two mixtures together, add about 15 drops of Cacao. You can shape it as either a ball or a candy bar, just the way you like, but make sure it is stored in a moist-free container to stay perfect until use. Now you can enjoy a yummy bath!

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Chocolate Bath Bomb2 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 3

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3 Black bath bomb

They say everyone has a dark side, so here is an unusual and seemingly creepy bath bomb that is mainly for you to satisfy your dark side. For the most part, this bath bomb is made of an activated charcoal which has great benefits for your skin. Charcoal is responsible for clearing the imperfections in your skin by cleansing your pores deeply, pulling all the dirt out of it. So try it out if you wanna do your skin a favor, and rest in peace in your tub, as the pun goes.

 Required ingredients   
• Activated Charcoal Powder
• ½ Cup of Baking Soda
• ¼ Cup of Citric Acid
• ¼ Cup of Cornstarch
• ¼ Cup of Epsom Salt
• 3 Tsp of Castor Oil
• 1 Tsp of Water
• 1 Tsp of essential oil.

Once again you have to go through the same process of mixing all the dry and the wet ingredients separately, then add them together slowly. Preferably, pour the wet ingredients into a spraying bottle, so you can add them to the dry one slowly without having to worry about the bomb to bubble earlier than you would want it to.
Let your bomb dry and then toss it into your bath tub and soak in the black water. Be in touch with your dark side!

black Bath bomb 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 6

Black bath bomb2 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 7

black as your soul bathbomb 5 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 8

Black bath bomb 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 9

2 Mermaid shells

Going back to the world of fairy tales instead of the dark scary ones, you can make a bath bomb that looks like the shells of a mermaid. It does not matter whether you are a woman or a young girl, you will definitely fall in love with this adorable bath bomb.

 Required Ingredients  
• 1 Cup of Baking Soda
• ½ Cup of Citric Acid
• ½ Tsp of Olive Oil
• Any essential oil of your choice
• Witch Hazel and a spray bottle to pour it in
• Pink Food Coloring
• Silicone Mold Shaped like Seashells
• Mini Candy Ball
• Foam Shaving Cream

It seems like too many ingredients are needed for this bath bomb, but don’t worry, for it is very simple and easy. As usual, you will mix the dry ingredients together, which in this case are only the baking soda and the citric acid, then mix the wet ones together which are the two oils; the olive and essential oils. Combine the two mixtures together, then start adding few drops, only 3, of the pink food coloring and stir. You can gradually add more drops if you want a darker shade, but stick with only 3 drops at the first time. After stirring the mixture you can add more, and then spray the witch hazel to make the whole thing stick together. Now get the silicone mold, and start pressing the mixture into it to form seashells and let them dry overnight. When the product is now dry, you can use the foam shaving cream to join two shells together, and add the mini candy ball in between.

Mermaid shell bath bomb 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 10

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1 Galaxy bath bomb

This bath bomb might feel too complicated to do, but it is actually very simple and easy. You can easily create a colorful bath and soak yourself in, and surely you are going to have tons of fun.

 Required Ingredients  
• Different Colors of Food Coloring
• Lemon Juice
• Salt
• 1 Cup of Baking Soda
• Sparkles (Optional)

Well, there aren’t a lot of ingredients to mix here. Just mix the baking soda and the salt thoroughly together, then you can add the sparkles if you wish. Then grab a spray bottle and fill half the bottle with water, and fill the other half with the lemon juice, then add only one food coloring, shake it and spray it on the dry mixture.
Repeat the whole process again with each color, until you get several colored dry mixtures. Up till that point, press the dry substances, one by one, into a container, make sure it is secured, and let them dry.

how to make a galaxy bath bomb 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 14

Galaxy bath bomb2 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 15

Galaxy bath bomb 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 16

Galaxy bath bomb3 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 17

Galaxy bath bomb4 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 18

Galaxy bath bomb5 4 Most Creative DIY Bath Bombs - 19

Bath bombs have been so popular lately since they are one of the most fun and relaxing products used for bathing, besides, they can be very beneficial for skin, and as you see, they are so simple to do on your own. Now that you have known the main steps to create one, try creating your own bath bombs with your favorite scents and colors. HAVE A BLASTING BATH!

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