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4 Cool Things to Giveaway at a Booth

Is your company or business gearing up for its first trade show, conference, or seminar as an exhibitor? Maybe it’s not the first time. Instead, you’ve had booths numerous times and just aren’t generating the buzz and interest that you had hoped for. Having a successful booth at one of these events is a fine art, as you want to hit that balance of education for potential customers, as well as a “fun” side that will attract visitors.

One of the best ways to bring people to your booth and ensure you get that engagement you’re after is to offer giveaways. While you may think that some sleek signage, a prime location, and a friendly smile may be enough, it’s the giveaways and swag that tend to draw people in. You can also amp up the beneficial factor by requiring visitors to give you a business card or jot down their email to qualify for your giveaway. They get something out of the deal, and you make a potential lead. So, what qualifies as “cool” things to give away at your booth? What will capture the attention of visitors and have them flocking to your station? Here we’ll take a look at four items that you can use as giveaways at your booth.

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 1 Custom Koozies

When choosing that perfect giveaway, you need to keep in mind that everyone is unique and different, so finding a universal item should be top of the list. A custom koozie is a great example of an item that anyone can use, after all, every person drinks some beverage whether it be soda, water, beer, juice, or anything else. With custom koozies, such as the ones you can find through Express Imprint, you can ensure that they’ll remember who gave them the item since you can print your company logo and contact details on it. You can even choose a color that reflects the color in your company logo or helps to set it off. As for what kind of koozie to get, there are all kinds from the typical foam can hugger, to the collapsible can cooler or neoprene versions. You may want to grab a variety so visitors can choose which one they want.

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 2 Headphones and Speakers

A giveaway that may not be first to mind but deserves consideration is headphones and Bluetooth speakers. These audio devices can be used with a variety of electronics, which attendees will appreciate. You can even have a few to sample at your booth if you like. If your company happens to have a YouTube channel or podcasts, this is a great way to market the offering and give attendees a way to listen to the content. Of course, just as you would expect, you want to be sure you customize it. This means having your company logo printed right on the device. Every time the device is used, your logo will be front and center, which can help to create brand recognition and awareness.

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 3 Tote Bags

Tote bags are another example of a universal item that you can’t go wrong with. You can go with the standard shopping style totes, or you can invest some serious cash and go all out with slick looking backpacks or beach bags. Keep in mind if you’re going to be giving out these high-quality tote bags, you want to be gathering the person’s contact information so that they can be a leader. Now with the tote bag, you also want to be sure that you can have it customized with your company name, logo, website address, and contact information. You can also use that tote bag as a vessel for promotion material. Go ahead and stuff it with brochures, flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials. What attendees like about this giveaway is that they can use it while at the trade show or conference to throw everything they collect right in it. You can pretty much bet on the fact that they will go through each item when they get home, piece by piece.

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 4 USB Chargers

Now if you want to create buzz and get people flocking to your booth, offer electronics. A USB charger is one of the universal giveaways you can offer. They are small, easy to cart to and from the trade show, and they work with a wide array of devices. Just like every other giveaway mentioned, you’ll want to customize these with your company details.


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Your Booth is Sure to Be a Hit

By choosing one of these items as your giveaway, your booth is sure to be a hit and bring in crowds from all over the show. Just be sure you take advantage of this interest and get as much contact information as possible from attendees.

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