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4 Classic Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversaries are the most important milestone in any relationship, be it a dating relationship or a marriage or somewhere in between. Anniversaries encompass all the time you have been with your partner, and though many couples choose to keep their celebrations simple, a gift is never remiss. Whether you have been with your partner for one year or 50, celebrating the joys of your journey together each year is an amazing feeling. People often struggle with what gifts to buy their loved one. Personalized gifts are always a pleasure, but there’s also nothing wrong with a classic gift, either. The bonus to most of these gifts is that they can be personalized, too. Here are just a few of the most popular anniversary gift ideas – maybe you’ll spot something perfect for your partner.

1 Flowers

Everyone loves flowers, especially women – but anyone can appreciate a lovely bouquet, no matter their gender identity. The amazing advantage to a gift of flowers is that it’s a simple yet lovely gift that is also easy to pick up or have delivered. Of course, a personal stop at a flower shop might sound more appealing, but you can find many gorgeous arrangements online that might not be available in local flower shops.

You can also easily have bouquets delivered. Even in large metropolitan areas, you can easily find something like a Denver flower shop with express delivery and dozens of beautiful arrangements. Many smaller towns have flower delivery services as well. The good news about bouquet delivery is that it often has a decent service area. Whether you pop in to personalize the bouquet or find one online that your partner will love, it’s hard to go wrong with flowers.

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2 Jewelry

This is another one that appeals to any gender, though of course, most women love new jewelry. Many diamond and gemstone companies capitalize on the importance of anniversaries, and they have specific shapes and cuts to their gems catered to anniversary occasions. You could get the gemstone that represents the month of your anniversary or your partner’s birth month. You could get a stunning necklace with a golden heart. The possibilities are endless with jewelry. Although as a gift option, jewelry will be a little more expensive, it is always worth it.

Junk jewelry 4 Classic Anniversary Gift Ideas - 2


customized Necklace jewelry gift 4 Classic Anniversary Gift Ideas - 3

3 Picture Books

You could get a favorite photo of you together framed, or you could go a step further and create a picture book. Many photo centers, including pharmacy stores like CVS and Walgreens, have the option to create lovely photograph books bound like real novels. They are printed on glossy paper and can be in almost any size you can dream of. The size and length of the book will determine the price. Most of the time, you can customize the pages with designs or quotes to make it a little more special to your partner.

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4 Matching Shirts/Mugs/Etc.

It’s a bit cutesy and cliché, but there are loads of matching items for you and your partner that could make a cute gift. You could get matching shirts or sweatshirts, matching coffee mugs, a pair of necklaces, and so much more. There are also tons of options for custom-gifts with matching quotes that say you belong to each other, or something equally cute and silly. Really, it depends on your relationship, but young love especially lends itself to these sorts of gifts, with an extra bit of fun. It’s worth the thought.

Matching Shirts 4 Classic Anniversary Gift Ideas - 5

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There are many classic or even unconventional anniversary gifts to get your loved one. Whether you go with something sweet and simple like flowers, or something more extravagant like a diamond necklace, the main thing that matters is your love for each other. Everything else, like gifts, is just a bonus – but you can still make it a good one!

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