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Everyone Loves These 4 Tourist Attraction Places in Italy

No one can deny that Italy is one of the most beautiful European cities in the world. It is full of beautiful historical places that will make you love it from first sight. Italy has its own kind of beauty that is very unique; everything there is very beautiful, starting from the streets moving to buildings, Food and even people. Moreover, Italy has the third largest economy in the Euro zone and the eighth largest economy in the world. It has a very high level of human development and enjoys the highest life expectancy in the EU. That is why you will really enjoy visiting Italy. In the following article, you will find some of the best places that you will enjoy in Italy.

1 Colosseum:




The Colosseum is an oval amphitheatre that is locate in the centre of the city of Rome in Italy. The Colosseum is considered as the largest amphitheatre that was ever built. In addition, it is important to say that this amphitheatre is completely built of concrete and sand. The Construction of the Colosseum began under the emperor Vespasian in AD 72, and was completed in AD 80. It is said that the Colosseum could hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators. In the past, it was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, executions, re-enactments of famous battles, and dramas based on Classical mythology. Nowadays, the Colosseum is one of Rome’s most popular tourist attractions. It receives millions of visitors each year. Though the state of the building is not the best, there are many performances that are held there from time to time, such as the performance of Ray Charles in May 2002, Paul McCartney in May 2003 and Elton John in September 2005.

2 Leaning Tower of Pisa:

The Duomo & Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy



The Leaning Tower of Pisa or simply the Tower of Pisa is freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa that is popular around the world for its unintended tilt. The tower of Pisa is located behind the Cathedral and is considered as the third oldest building in Pisa’s Cathedral Square after the Cathedral and the Baptistery. The tower’s tilt began during construction because the ground on one side was really soft to hold the weight of the building. Then, the tilt kept in increasing through the years of construction. There were attempts to correct the tilt partially in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The height of the tower is 55.86 metres on its low side while it is 56.67 metres on its high side. With no doubts, the tower of Pisa is one of the most popular sites in Italy that is visited every year by millions of people from all around the world.

3 Trevi Fountain:




The Trevi Fountain is a fountain that is situated in the Trevi area in Rome. The fountain was designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi and was completed by Pietro Bracci. It is 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide. The Trevi fountain is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountains around the world. This fountain is one of the popular places in Italy that tourists come from all over the world to see. It is worth mentioning that, the fountain has appeared various times in films, Such as Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.

4 The Grand Canal:




The Grand Canal is a canal in Venice, Italy. It is one of the major water corridors in the city. You can use these water corridors to move within the city; there are public transport provided such as: water buses and private water taxis, moreover, tourists usually explore the city by moving in the canal using gondola. The Grand Canal is 3.8 km long, and 30 to 90 m wide, and it is believed that its average depth is about five meters. This canal is one of the most beautiful and charming places in Venice specifically and Italy generally. It is really magical to the extent that there is no movie that is filmed in Italy without having a scene in the Grand Canal. So, if you ever gone to Italy, you have to visit The Grand Canal, and explore it in gondola.

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