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38+ Creative & Dazzling Ceiling Lamps for Kids’ Room 2019

Kids’ bedrooms are usually decorated through using curtains, rugs, wall paint and lamps that feature cartoon characters and other themes that are adored by children. Using lamps is essential for lighting the room, but in addition to using them for illumination they are also used for decoration especially in the kids’ bedrooms. Lamps can be used on walls, floors and also the ceiling which is usually ignored in different rooms for being high but for the children, it is considered to be the sky which makes decorating it essential for them. Ceiling lamps are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colors. There are large ceiling lamps that suit large bedrooms and cannot be used in the small rooms for requiring a large space to be used. It is not necessary for you to purchase the ceiling lamps alone as there are ceiling fans that are accompanied by lamps and are decorated in an amazing way to increase the elegance of the ceiling and make it catchier.

Ceiling lights that are designed for kids’ bedrooms feature different creative themes that young children like such as cartoon characters and other toys that they like and play with such as planes, robots, rockets, bears and more toys for children. Deciding the most suitable color and design for your kids’ bedroom is mainly determined by the gender of your children and their taste or the shapes and cartoon characters that they like.

The large ceiling lamps are enough for decorating the ceiling and they can be used alone without the need to use extra decorative pieces that are usually hung in the ceiling or even using suspended ceiling that requires simple lights such as recessed lights or simple chandeliers and pendant lights. There are small lamps that are hung in the ceiling and they are more suitable for being used as night lights in order not to make your kids afraid at night. Choosing the colors of the lamps and the decoration of the ceiling is controlled by other colors in the room as all the colors should match each other even the colors of fabrics, furniture and wall paint. Pink colors are more suitable for girls while other colors such as black and blue and green are more suitable for boys.

The designs of the ceiling lamps are available in a wide variety to suit different tastes. Those designs which feature flowers, birds, hello kitty and more can be used for girls’ bedrooms while other designs that feature planes, robots and rockets are more suitable for boys’ bedrooms. In addition to lighting the room and decorating the ceiling that is usually ignored when we design and decorate different rooms, you can use the ceiling lamps for teaching your children new things such as letters, numbers and more things that your child can learn when s\he looks at the ceiling.