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36 Magnificent & Dazzling Ceiling Design Ideas for Kids 2019

Designing and decorating kids’ bedrooms differ from other rooms that we have in our homes since they require using bright colors and fascinating themes that suit their young age unlike other rooms that do not require the same themes or even colors. Decorating kids’ bedrooms can be achieved in different ways as you can use curtains, rugs, wall stickers and other decorative items that suit the age of young children, but all of these items decorate the whole room except for the ceiling which is always forgotten because it is high and does not attract attention like other things that are located at lower places. For children, the ceiling of their rooms represents the sky in which there are stars, sun, moon, clouds, planets and more. You can decorate the ceiling of your kids’ room through using those decorative items that resemble all the real things that are found in the sky and you can also use toys to make your child feel that his friends are always with him even during sleep.

In addition to toys and other decorative items that resemble what is in the sky and are especially manufactured for children, you can also make use of the suspended ceiling or what is called false ceiling. This type of ceiling can be found in different rooms, but the designs that are especially created for kids’ bedrooms differ from those which are created for other rooms at our homes. The suspended ceiling may come to cover the whole ceiling or just part of it and this depends on your taste, needs and of course your budget.

In order to make the ceiling more fascinating and to increase its elegance, you have to use lights for illumination and for more decoration. The ceiling lights that are used for kids’ bedrooms are available in a wide diversity of types, shapes, sizes and colors. You can use chandeliers or recessed lights that are simple and are also appropriate for being used with suspended ceiling. But in addition to these types of ceiling lights, there are also other types such as those lights that are particularly manufactured for children as they feature amazing shapes that are really attractive and highly desired by young children.

Most of the colors that are used for the ceiling are bright colors to be suitable for young children and choosing the most appropriate colors for your kids’ bedroom is decided by the theme of the room and the surrounding colors that can be found in other items in the room including different pieces of furniture and fabrics. If you want to make your kid’s room look larger than its real size, use light colors whether it is for the walls, ceiling or even fabrics. This trick can be accompanied by using large mirrors that also help in visually increasing the size of the room. You can paint the ceiling on your own to save more money and decorate the room as you want according to your taste making use of the ceiling design ideas that are presented here.