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35 Weird & Funny Gifts for Women

There are many gifts that can be presented to women but most of them are traditional and we used to see them on different occasions. You can bring a bouquet of flowers that are adored by most of the women if it is not all of them, there is also chocolate, dresses, handbags, purses, shoes and other ideas for gifts that we usually resort to when we decide to bring a gift to a woman. It will be more fantastic to bring a weird gift that attracts the attention of the recipient and make her smile. To know how to do that, we present to you the following fabulous and funny gifts for women.

New and funny slippers

Weird and funny pencil shaped bracelet
A funny two-finger ring with seven dwarfs
New and funny envelope shaped necklace with a messgae
Toilet shaped container that can be used for candies or as a mug for drinks

A new shape for milk jug that looks like a calf
A jar shaped glass

Funny gifts for women may seem to be strange as they are derived from the surrounding things but presented in a different way that makes anyone smile. You can find USB flash drives that look like animals, funny bracelets that take different new shapes, funny slippers and other gifts that are presented in a new way which makes them funny.

Purses and handbags with funny shapes

What to be card hloder
New and funny slippers that can be used by lazy housekeepers as a mop while walking to save their time

A bottle shaped wine glass

Presenting a funny gift to a woman will help her to enjoy her time while using this gift and it will be unforgettable for her. Most of the funny gifts for women are not expensive at all which makes them affordable for most of us.

Camera lens mug for car and office
Traditional key ring with a funny message
Fabulous and funny ideas for USB flash drives

Help me and get me out from the sink
Thumb wrestling arena for playing and enjoying your time