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34 Awesome & Dazzling Teens’ Bedroom Design Ideas 2019 … [UPDATED]

Designing teens’ bedrooms is entirely different from those bedrooms which are designed and decorated for young boys and girls. Young children cannot design their rooms on their own and this is why they depend on their parents, while teenagers can depend on themselves to design their bedrooms which makes it easy for them to choose what they like and to know how to decorate their rooms according to their taste. The designs of the kids’ bedrooms differ from those of the teens’ bedrooms and this is because of the difference between them in age. Teenagers grow up to be older than young children and this is why their choices and taste differ from each other. There are several colors that start to appear in the teens’ bedrooms such as pink, purple, blue, red, gray, black, white, green and other colors that are rarely seen in the kids’ bedrooms.

For the design of the teens’ bedrooms, you will find that there are many themes which start to disappear especially those that feature cartoon characters and other themes that suit the age of young children. Other themes start to appear and they feature different patterns or what is related to what the teens like at this age such as their favorite sports and hobbies. There are several amazing designs from which you can choose what you like as a teenager for your room, but before choosing the catchiest design, you have to make sure that this design suits your room. Choosing the most appropriate design for your room is chiefly decided by the size of your room and your needs.

Small bedrooms require choosing one of the compact designs that do not consume a large space like other designs that require a large room because of the number of the decorative items that are used and the pieces of furniture inside the room. You will need to use larger wardrobes which are available in different designs such as those with sliding doors that do not consume a large space and others with folding doors. Using those wardrobes which come with mirrors on their doors helps you to increase the size of your room if it is small and will also make your bedroom look more elegant.

There will be more need for bookshelves or bookcases to store your books and they can also be used as decorative pieces for decorating your room. You can also use pendant lamps or chandeliers for decorating the ceiling, curtains for windows and carpets for the floor. If you want to renew your bedroom without costing your parents a lot of money, then you can change the curtains of your bedroom, paint, carpets, fabrics and the decorative items that are used for decorating your bedroom without the need to spend a lot of money. Make sure that the colors which you choose in the bedroom match each other in order not to feel that you stay in a boring bedroom which does not encourage you to study or even sleep.