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33 Fabulous Spring & Summer Hair Colors for Women 2018

As the weather changes and becomes colder or warmer, we need to update different things we use or wear in different seasons throughout the year. This includes the clothes we have at our wardrobes and hair color as well. Those colors that appear in cold seasons tend to be dark, while in hot seasons the weather warms and this is why the colors become lighter. Spring and summer hair colors tend to be light and bright. But this does not mean that we have to completely forget those dark colors. Hair stylists and colorists decided to break the rules this year and present to us new trends that we did not use to find. Some hair colorists decided to present dark colors for spring and summer seasons such as chocolate brown or dark brown. There are others who focused more on the light colors such as pastels which are associated with the hot seasons and blonde which is one of the most popular hair colors in spring and summer seasons. Want to discover more about the hottest and most fascinating hair colors presented to women in this year? Take a look at the following spring and summer hair colors to start changing your look now.

Pastel colors

Can you imagine the spring and summer seasons without these soft and fascinating colors? Pastel colors can be found in almost everything around us when we start welcoming the hot seasons especially spring. They appear at fashion shows on the clothes and accessories models wear and can also be found in the home color trends that are presented for spring and summer. If you do not like dark colors and feel that they do not suit spring and summer seasons, opt for the softest shade of any color you like to look catchier. There are too many colors you can try such as pink, baby blue, mauve, and any other soft shade you like to try and suits your skin tone. If you are hesitant and not sure of the results you will get, try these pastel colors on the ends of your hair or in the form of highlights to decide if they are suitable for you or not.

Ashy blonde

This fascinating color is one of the hottest and most noteworthy hair colors that are presented to women for spring and summer seasons. It is perfect for all seasons even fall and winter seasons and suits different occasions especially the casual ones. Ashy blonde is available in different shades from which you can select what suits your skin tone and the color of your eyes. You can find light, medium, dirty, natural, and dark ash blonde. Do you want to add a modern look to your hair and make your light eyes pop? If your answer is yes, then you will need to opt for this stunning and modern shade of blonde. You can use the ashy blonde color in various ways such as adding ashy blonde highlights, making your entire hair ashy blonde, or pairing ashy blonde ends with dark roots.

Balayage highlights

Balayage is one of the most popular hair color trends and painting techniques that have recently appeared and can be worn in the spring and summer seasons. What increases the popularity of this hand painting technique to be very common among women is that it makes the hair look natural and seem as if it has been kissed or lightened by the sun naturally without using any hair colors. Balayage highlights may look like ombre, but they are not the same. To get this amazing result and successfully add balayage highlights to your hair, you need to dye the surface of the ends only and leave the roots of your hair the same as they are without being dyed for a soft natural look. Try to choose a color that suits your skin tone and lights up your features.

Red & Strawberry blonde

Do you like Merida’s hair color? Most of the hair colors that appeared at different fashion shows for spring and summer seasons in this year tend to be natural. Red and strawberry blonde are two amazing colors that are presented to women to try in the spring and summer seasons. These catchy colors are not only perfect for the hot seasons. You can also wear them in the fall and winter seasons. So if you like Merida’s hair color and want to try it, then you can confidently do it now without hesitation.

Red and strawberry blonde hair colors can make you look more gorgeous and attract more attention to your hair. To achieve this, you need to choose the right shade that suits your skin tone. Those with red or strawberry blonde hair are really lucky since they will not need to change their hair color this year. Women with blonde hair can wear the strawberry blonde hair color to add color to their skin and enjoy a warm golden glow. Others who have red hair can add some babylights to change the look of their hair.

Dark brown

This is not black, it is dark brown. Dark colors are believed to be more suitable for fall and winter seasons. However, dark brown is presented as one of the top hair colors for spring and summer seasons. Hair stylists and colorists come to break the rules this year and present both dark and light colors for women to wear in the hot seasons without focusing on light colors only. Dark brown was spotted at several fashion shows such as Gucci, Temperley London, and Roberto Cavalli. You can pair this dark color with red highlights, blonde highlights, caramel highlights, or light brown highlights to increase the beauty of your hair. Dark brown is a perfect choice for those women who like dark colors and do not want to try light hair colors.

Other stunning hair colors you are going to find in the spring and summer seasons

Blonde: It is one of the most popular hair colors in the hot seasons. So if you do not have natural blonde hair, then it is your chance in the spring and summer seasons to try this color and become one of the blondes. If you already have blonde hair and want to frame your face or get a brighter look, then you can add some baby blonde or golden blonde highlights to your hair.

Honey blonde: Honey blonde or burnt caramel is not blonde or brown. It is something between both of them and is considered to be great for all skin tones. So, what do you think of trying it?

Whether you are going to select a light hair color for your hair or a dark hair color, you have to know that there are several things which you have to consider when you decide the best hair color for you (source: Top 10 Fashion lists). The color of your eyes and your skin tone are two important things that control you when you choose a new hair color to change your look. Finding a hair color that suits someone does not necessarily mean that the same color suits you even if you like it. So, try to choose what increases your beauty and makes you more gorgeous.