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32 Most Eye-catching Sculptures of 3D Latte Art

Do you like coffee? Do you enjoy drinking it? There are many people who like drinking coffee to the extent that they cannot imagine their day without drinking it. It takes you to another world making you feel that you will be better especially when you are tired, doesn’t it? Yeah, this is true but what about latte? What does it mean? And what is the relation between latte and the coffee that we drink? Latte is a mixture of strong coffee and frothy steamed milk and it is considered by some people to be more delicious than the traditional coffee that we drink. The difference between latte and coffee is not what we are going to talk about here, we are going to talk about a new technique that can make the cup of coffee or latte that you drink more impressive and eye-catching. Using 3D latte art and creating this on the surface of your coffee will make you love your coffee more and more.

There are some people who do not care about art and adding it to their cups of coffee. They only care about getting their cup of coffee and drinking it regardless of the shape of the coffee’s surface. There are others who may love coffee more when they see that art. The appearance of the cup of coffee catches the eyes before describing the coffee as mouth-watering and amazing. Creating different amazing shapes on the surface of the coffee is not something new that has recently appeared as we know about it and had seen it several times before, but this new art that is called 3D latte art or 3D coffee art is presented for the first time.

3D latte art presents to us amazing shapes that are created in a fascinating way making us feel that these creative shapes pop out from the cup of coffee that we drink to welcome us. 3D latte art is made through using the foam of the milk that we use for making our cup of coffee. The milk foam is turned into different stunning shapes, but these shapes or what can be called sculptures do not stay at their places which means on the surface of the coffee.

The 3D latte sculptures can leave the whole cup of coffee to be found on the saucer and you can also find more than one 3D latte sculpture and this happens when there are two cups of coffee that are served together at the same time. The two sculptures complement each other presenting to you a complete theme that is really interesting and looks like a large artwork such as those which are painted or drawn. So, what do you think of trying this art at your home.