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30 Everlasting & Affordable Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry has recently become one of the most common types of jewelry that is preferred by many women and men. What makes stainless steel jewelry very popular is that it has many features that can be rarely found in other jewelry pieces which are made of other types of metals. Stainless steel has started to be used a long time ago since it was developed in 1900-1915. Using stainless steel in the past was almost limited to the different industrial items that were used at that time such as vehicles, car grills, railways, appliances and other items that were used in the past and still used till now. Over time, stainless steel has become widely used for manufacturing many things that we need in our life even the jewelry that we wear for increasing our elegance and this is because stainless steel was able to prove that it is better than other types of metals which are used thanks to its features.

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Stainless steel does not rust like other types of metals that are usually used for making jewelry and it lasts for a long time because it contains chromium and this is why stainless steel jewelry is more popular and is preferred by many people. Because people always look for the jewelry that can last with them forever or for a long time without being damaged, jewelers started using stainless steel to make watches and Cartier was the first to do that in 1847. Different types of stainless steel jewelry started after that to appear in different designs as there were stainless steel bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, anklets and rings.


The popularity of stainless steel jewelry increases rapidly to the extent that they are recommended to patients who suffer from having allergy to nickel that can be found in gold jewelry which is lower than 14k and can also be found in silver. Stainless steel jewelry is available in different types of finishes such as brushed, heat colored, hot rolled, reflective, cold rolled and other finishes.


What are the advantages of stainless steel jewelry?

There are many features that make stainless steel jewelry sought after by many people as it does not oxidize like silver which means that stainless steel is not affected when it comes in contact with oxygen because it is a strong metal, does not cause allergies which makes it perfect for those who have allergy to nickel, is not very shiny which makes it appropriate for many different occasions whether they are casual, formal or even at your home, it can be easily cleaned, does not need to be always polished, is suitable for all age groups and genders and above all, it is more affordable than other pieces of jewelry which are made of different metals.


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