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Best 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings For Sale

There many different types of designs, cuts, and stones available for engagement rings, but the styles with the 3 stone diamonds will be the ideal choice to express your love. Most people choose 3 stone diamond engagement rings to represent the future, present, and past. This is why they are extremely popular for engagements and anniversaries.

The 3 stone diamond rings, popularly called Trinity or trilogy rings, feature three diamond stones with the same size. At times, the middle stone in the rings is slightly larger. Although the three diamond stones will be good enough for a ring design, you can opt to add little stones or gems to accentuate your rings. Some women choose filigree embellishments to emphasize each ring.

You can also opt to get these diamond engagement rings with different gem sizes. The tones of the diamonds can also be different, but the most important thing is to find unique styles and patterns to suit your personal style.

Today, the most common size and shape for the 3 stone engagement rings are the round or princess cut. In this case, the setting and design of the middle stone might be raised slightly because it will be somewhat bigger than the diamonds on the sides.

When you are checking the available options for the 3 stone diamond engagement rings for sale, it’s important to remember that prices will vary because of several factors like the metal band. Besides the classic gold, the white gold and platinum are also very popular. The style for engagement rings also varies based on the patterns that you want.

In addition, the cost for this diamond ring will be more than the regular diamond solitaires since they are usually heavier in karat weight. Of course, the price will also depend on the diamond weight, cut, color and clarity.

The 3 stone diamond engagement rings also have a certain religious origin. These stones are regarded by some people as the Son, Holy Trinity, Father and the Holy Spirit, while for others it’s associated with the Celtic.

Even if you have to pay more to get the 3 stone engagement ring settings that you want, just remember that you cannot put a price on love. Of course, this is not saying that you should buy a ring that is out your price range. But, you have to prepare to spend a bit more to get quality rings for your loved one.

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