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3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs an eBook

In the last few years, eReader sales have soared. And did you know that mobile viewing has eclipsed desktop searches? With so many consumers viewing digital media, it’s now more lucrative than ever to add an eBook to your content marketing strategy. With a professional eBook writing service, you can take advantage of all the benefits an eBook has to offer your business at an affordable cost. EBooks are quite cheap to bring to market and have a low overhead. You aren’t paying to print, ship, and store eBooks. A professional ghostwriter can have your eBook finished within a few short weeks, and have it up and ready for sale before the month is out. Best of all, your eBook will be evergreen and an excellent investment for your business. Below, we’ll discuss three reasons why every company needs an eBook.

ebook-675x449 3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs an eBook

1 Build a Subscriber List

Email marketing is still king and will give you some of the best ROI in digital marketing. But how can you get qualified subscribers onto a list? It’s simple – with an eBook. Your eBook’s content is highly targeted, niche, and specific to your industry. If you use your eBook as a magnet to get subscribers onto a list, those subscribers are likely to be highly qualified, and interested in what you have to say. With other email sign-up incentives, sometimes it’s difficult to get qualified leads to subscribe. An eBook mitigates the risk of filling your email list with subscribers who just wanted an entertaining freebie. Remember, you’re paying for every single email address on your list, so you want subscribers who are primed and most likely to convert. An eBook takes care of the vetting process for you.

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2 Establish Thought-Leadership

It’s crucial for business owners and brands to differentiate themselves from the competition. But when it comes to your website and interface, it’s not wise to stray too far from the beaten path. Consumers also like ease-of-use and some familiarity when they interact with a new brand or an eCommerce site. Your eBook allows you to not only get creative but also let your brand’s unique personality shine through. An eBook can include not only original and engaging content for your audience, but it can also include educational and insightful information. Engaging content designed to inform the reader will help establish your brand’s thought leadership. If you start to gain a reputation for being an industry leader, you’ll see your customer base and brand awareness begin to grow from your investment in an eBook writing service.

laptop-Relevance-Marketers-New-Secret-Weapon 3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs an eBook

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3 Cement Customer Trust

It’s crucial for you to establish and cement trust with your leads. If you’re unable to come off as a trustworthy business who can solve your audience’s pain-points, they won’t trust you enough to take a chance on your offerings. An eBook is another excellent way to showcase your expertise and why the viewer should trust you. You can include testimonials and case studies in your eBook. Customer testimonials are some of the most effective content you can produce. The genuine voice of a satisfied customer establishes empathy with the reader. The reader can see that the person you’ve helped is just like them. In fact, customer testimonials have an 89% effective rate, far higher than most other content. And, an eBook is one of the best mediums for distributing a collection of testimonials.

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ebook-reading-675x437 3 Reasons Why Every Business Needs an eBook

Not only will an eBook give your business numerous benefits for years to come, but the time-cost investment on your end is also minimal. A professional eBook writing service is designed to investigate your unique brand and offerings and organize the content to keep your readers’ attention and build your credibility. You won’t spend your precious time plotting, planning, writing and editing the eBook. The intricacies that go into a well-written book would be taken care of for you. Don’t hesitate to establish your thought leadership and grow your customer base today. Contact an eBook writing service and see what they can do for your business.

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