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28+ Dazzling Nail Polish Trends You Must Try in 2018

Wearing catchy accessories and stunning jewelry pieces which are encrusted with diamonds can play an important role in enhancing your elegance and making you more gorgeous. Different accessories and diamond jewelry pieces that are especially made for women such as bracelets and rings are worn to make the hands catchier. But what to do if you want to change the look of your hands from time to time? The easiest, fastest and most affordable way to give your hands a new look without spending a lot of money is to change the shape of your fingernails or simply give them a new color. New nail polish trends and ideas are especially presented every year for women to allow them to always look gorgeous and stylish. Take a look at the following 28 dazzling nail polish trends to discover more about what you are going to find in the next year for getting catchier hands.

♦ Dark nails

Using dark colors such as black and other dark shades is one of the most noteworthy beauty trends you are going to find in the next year. You will see those dark colors on lips and nails as well. Black, dark grey, dark purple and other dark colors will be common in the upcoming seasons especially fall and winter seasons. So, which colors will you choose for your nails?

♦ Metallic nails

If you want to quickly get catchy nails without the need to spend a long time or exert any effort, then you can try this nail polish trend. Using metallic nail polish especially the silver one can turn your nails into a mirror. It is not necessary for the metallic nail polish to cover all your nails. You can add it in the form of half moon, stripes, French manicure or any other idea that can increase the beauty of your hands and not just your nails.

♦ Embellished nails

What do you think of adding a luxurious look to your hands? There are different things that are very simple but can add a luxurious look to your nails when they are used because of the shiny effect they have. Instead of the diamond jewelry pieces that are known to be very expensive, you can go for those small crystals and pearls that can make your nails more gorgeous. They are perfect to be used for different occasions especially the formal ones like weddings.

♦ Glittering nails

If you do not like the idea of using those small crystals and pearls for getting luxury nails and still want to make your nails catchy, then you have to opt for this nail polish trend. Adding glitter to your nails does not require spending a long time and is even easier than using crystals and pearls. Glittering nails were spotted at almost all fashion shows to be one of the top nail polish trends that are presented for the next year. Glitter does not only appear on nails, but it is also used around them to make them catchier and more impressive.

♦ Striped nails

Stripes are very simple, however they can easily change the look of your nails. Whether those stripes are vertical or horizontal, created in small or large numbers and cover all your nails or just part of them, they will help you to quickly get impressive nails. There are several ideas from which you can select what suits the shape of your nails. In addition to using nail polish for creating those effective stripes, you can also use gold or silver foil to get catchier stripes. You can create the stripes in different colors to get more stunning nails.

♦ French manicure

Such nail trend will never die. Do you know why? Because it insists on being with us every year and in almost all seasons. French manicure is simple and comes as a top nail trend every year. It is very common among all women and can be created in several amazing ways and styles. It is also perfect for all occasions whether they are formal or casual. You can increase the beauty of French manicure by adding glitter, dots or choosing another color instead of the traditional white color that we usually see.

♦ Two colors

Why to use just one color for your nails while you can use more than one? Using only one color is a catchy nail polish trend you are going to find in the next year but what is more amazing is to use two colors on your nails. The second color can come to cover the tips, the base of the nails over the cuticle in the form of half moons and too many other ideas that can allow you to get gorgeous hands and stunning nails. To know how to choose two colors that match each other, you can make use of the dazzling nail ideas that are presented here.

♦ Negative space nails

This trend was present in 2015 as a hot nail trend and continues to be one of the top nail trends for the next year. It is perfect for those lazy girls who do not like to spend a long time for getting catchy nails or others who are busy and need to quickly change the look of their nails. With just single stripe on each nail or a few dots, you can easily and quickly get this catchy and stunning look. There are other creative ideas from which you can select what suits your taste and the occasion you are going to attend.

♦ Marble nails

Marble nails are expected to be one of the loveliest and biggest nail polish trends you are going to find in the next year. Although this stunning look is believed to be complicated and difficult to be achieved, there are several ideas that can be easily done such as water marble nail ideas and other ideas that can make your nails dazzling.

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