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28+ Catchiest Women’s Shoe Trends to Expect in 2018

What are the catchiest shoe trends that are presented for the next year? Shoes are not used to just cover our feet and protect them while walking. They are among the most important accessories for women. They play an important role in increasing the elegance of women’s feet. This is why there are new shoe trends that are presented every year. Some of the shoe trends that are presented for the upcoming seasons are inspired by those that were present in the past years. There are other amazing shoe trends that can make your feet catchier and more gorgeous. Choosing the most appropriate shoe trends for you depends on your taste, height, what makes you comfortable while walking and the different occasions that you attend. Here are the catchiest women’s shoe trends to help you choose the best for your feet.

♦ Pointy toes

Those shoes with pointy toes are very elegant and add a feminine look to your feet. They are very common among women although they do not provide their feet with the comfort they need. They may cause pain to most of the women but this does not prevent this trend from being one of the biggest shoe trends that are presented for the next year. Pointy toes appeared at almost all fashion shows. They can be found in boots, flat shoes and high-heeled shoes as well.

♦ Open toes & Sandals

Pointy toes are not suitable for you? Do not like them? Make you annoyed while walking? There is no problem at all. You can forget those pointy toes to go for open toes and sandals. Keep your toes free in the next year. Sandals and open toes are presented for different seasons which means that you can wear them throughout the year even in cold seasons.

♦ Multiple straps & big buckles

Playing with buckles is one of the most noteworthy shoe trends to find in the next year. Buckles are used in different sizes and numbers. There are small buckles that are used with multiple straps. You will also find big buckles that can make your shoes catchier.

♦ Lace-up shoes

Adding laces is one of the hottest fashion trends for the next year. Laces can be found on different pieces we wear and they are also added to shoes. Lace-up shoes are perfect for those who have short skirts, dresses and pants. If you are one of those who usually wear short clothes and want to make your legs more beautiful, you have to opt for this trend.

♦ Ankle straps

If you do not like lace-up shoes because you do not have what is short to wear especially in cold seasons, then you can try those shoes with ankle straps. There are two different looks for ankle straps. You will find single straps and there are also multiple straps to allow you to choose what suits your taste.

♦ Suede & velvet shoes

What are the hottest materials that you are going to find in the next year? There are several materials that are used for making women shoes. The most common material is leather but it is not the only material to be found in the next year. Suede and velvet are other hot materials used for making shoes. They are soft and provide you with the needed comfort and the feminine look you want. They are perfect for being worn on different occasions especially the formal ones. So, what do you think of adding those soft shoes to what you have for the next year?

♦ Glitter & sequins

There are simple things that you can add to your shoes to make them catchier. Glitter and sequins are not costly. However when you add them to the shoes you already have, you will get new and fabulous shoes that are really impressive. Glitter and sequins can be used to cover the whole shoe or just parts of it to finally give you the catchy look you deserve.

♦ Reptile skin shoes

Do you like the look of reptile skin? Do you want to get it on your shoes? Reptile skin shoes are a big shoe trend for the next year. Those amazing shoes were spotted at several fashion shows in different colors and styles to allow you easily find what suits your taste and makes you completely comfortable.

♦ Super high platforms

Are you very short? Do you want to look taller and elegant at the same time? What do you think of wearing those fabulous shoes with high heels and platforms? Super high platforms are a hot shoe trend you are going to find in the next year. So, it is your chance in the coming year to enjoy wearing those shoes and look taller than you are.

♦ Low heels

If you are not very short and like to wear those heeled shoes without looking very tall, then you can try those low heels. Kitten heels or low heels are also a top shoe trend presented for the upcoming seasons. So, you have different options to easily choose what suits your height and makes your feet completely comfortable while walking.

♦ Non-traditional heels

Do you like those non-traditional shoe trends? What do you think of trying them? There are unusual trends that are presented from time to time. Such trends are perfect for those women who do not like the idea of always following those traditional trends. Non-traditional heels or sculptured heels are one of the most noteworthy shoe trends that are presented for the upcoming seasons. Such heels make your shoes more impressive not just for you, but also for all of those who will see what you wear on your feet.

Other stunning women’s shoe trends you are going to find in the upcoming seasons 

Chunky heels
Wooden heels

Square heels

Printed shoes

Dual tones

Western style shoes

Leopard prints

Metallic shoes

Marabou feather shoes

Fur shoes

Open Heels “Hot shoe trend”

Mesh shoes “Perfect for hot seasons”

Studded shoes

Embellished shoes for adding a luxurious look to your feet