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27 Ideas Bring a New Life to Your Shoes by Adding Shoe Clips & Charms

Sometimes, we may feel that the shoes which we have are boring and not fashionable even if they were not worn many times before. Instead of getting rid of these boring and old-fashioned shoes and purchasing other shoes which are newer, catchier and more fashionable, you can try renewing the shoes that you already have, but how to do this? And is it possible to renew your shoes on your own? Yes, you can do that. You may think that giving a new look to your shoes is costly, wastes your time and requires an experience or artistic talent but in fact, nothing of that is needed. You can easily renew your old-fashioned shoes through adding shoe clips and charms. All what you need is to be an imaginative person who can create new ideas and even if you do not have the ability to do this, you can take a look at different ideas that can be found on the internet and magazines.

Shoe clips are available in various designs from which you can choose what meets your taste, matches your shoes and suits the season in which you are going to wear your renewed shoes. The materials that are used for making shoe clips can also be found in a wide variety as there are shoe clips which are made of fabrics while there are others which are made of metal, feather and even plastic to choose what matches the material from which the shoes are made and suit the clothes that you wear with your shoes. You can purchase shoe clips to save your time, but it will be better for you to make them on your own in order to easily modify them to suit the different occasions that you attend whatever they are.

Instead of wearing plain shoes, add one of the shoe clips that are presented in various designs. You can create flower shoe clips which are very simple and suit different occasions and if you want to make your shoes catchier and more elegant, then you can adorn your shoe clips with pearls, shiny crystals and rhinestones to make your shoes perfect for different happy occasions especially the formal ones. You can also add other shoe clips and accessories to your shoes such as classic brooches, satin bows, butterflies and other accessories that you like. It is a good idea to use the accessories that you have such as pendants, earrings and bracelets to accessorize your shoes.

Using shoe clips and other shoe accessories is not limited to the shoes that we wear while attending different occasions as there are plastic shoe accessories that are used for decorating beach clogs, flip flops and you can also use them for renewing and decorating the shoes of your kids as there are different adorable and fascinating designs for Disney characters.

Adding shoe clips to your shoes may require using hot glue or you can instead of that sew your shoe clips if you have the ability and skill to do that. You can wear these shoe clips on your clothes, bags, scarves or purses to be paired with your shoes.  In order to make others think that you always buy new shoes, you can change the shoe clips that you wear on your shoes from time to time. It will be a good idea to try creating the shoe clips that you need on your own and it will be better to present them as gifts for your family and friends whom you love as there is no woman who does not need such shoe accessories to bring a new life to her shoes.

Note: Do not forget that the shoe clips that you wear should match your shoes, fit your clothes and suit the occasion that you are going to attend. Do not forget to add the shoe jewelry to your shoes before wearing them on your feet and remove them after taking your shoes off.