25 Strangest Wall Paintings

There are some people who do not like to follow traditional ways of life and always try to find new and unique ways to change their lives and the daily routine in which they live. Paintings are one of the ways that make our life different as they change the place that looks very traditional to a unique place. It of course depends on the kind of paintings that are used.

Sometimes, paintings look strange and non traditional when they are seen. They can be used on walls in our homes or in the streets. The most attractive kind of paintings that is considered to be unique and strange is the 3D paintings, because they depend on optical illusion. When you see such strange paintings, you will not believe that they are just drawn on the wall as they seem to be completely real to the extent that you will not be able to differentiate in photos between persons in the painting and real persons next to them. If you are bored with the shape of your home and want to change it to be turned from a traditional home to a completely modern home, then it will be better for you to change the paintings of the walls in your home and to use these paintings. The paintings will make your home stylish and attractive for all of those who see it. Strange paintings are considered to be a cheap way for renewing places that look boring to us. Here, we present to you some of the strangest images that will make you puzzled and stunned when you first see them.

A man who seems to adjust the clock


A fake lion that comes out from the wall to attack the woman.


A sea on the wall of the building that looks real.

3D wall paintings

A painting with the three sides of a face.

Justn Gedak Oil Painting

A strange eye that is drawn in a different way.

Surreal eye

Spectators who seem to look at us.


A monster coming out from the wall.

Hulk Smash Brick Wall

A modern man and shoes  in a painting of ancient Egyptians.

Modern Boy in Egyptian Wall Painting

Two real girls with other two children who are not real.

riding bike

One eye with the rest of the face.

Justin Gedak

A building with a long painting.

street art

A wall that looks to be uncovered and open to the sky.


A young child who seems to write on the floor.

Jo Iurato street art at Bushwick Five Points

A wall of a building with fake windows that look real.

amazing wall paintings

Mice that come out from the wall.

sydney dec

An unreal woman who looks at a building that seems to be destroyed. Nothing in the picture is real even the interior part of the building.

3d mural

A painting for the bottom of the sea.

amazing wall

A building that seems to be destroyed.

street art

A girl who has a car accident.

car accident

A woman who looks at a ruined wall.

Wall Art Medium

A young girl who is  jumping.


A wall of a building which seems to have balconies and people standing in them.

wall drawings

A woman who kicks her shoe.

Wall Paintings

A gorilla that drives a car.

Julios Jimenez California by Artist Sarasota Chalk Festival

A wall that is painted to look destroyed.

wall drawings

An exploding wall that seems to have thrown parts.

Wall Paintings

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