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25 Pieces of Elegant & Fashionable Glass Jewelry

There are several materials that are used for making different pieces of elegant jewelry from which we choose what we wear. Glass is among the most common materials which are used for presenting the best, most beautiful and fashionable jewelry. Glass jewelry is made of different types of glass such as sea glass and it is manufactured or handcrafted by professional and talented artisans. Venetian river glasses and Caribbean beach glasses are the most common types of sea glass to be used for crafting glass jewelry. Glass jewelry is available in a wide variety of colors to make it easy for you to choose what matches the clothes that you wear. There are glass beads which are available in multiple colors and are recommended to be paired with plain clothes to increase their elegance and there are other white glass beads or those semitransparent ones that seem to be more refined.

Glass jewelry pieces also differ in their sizes and designs as there are glass beads which are crafted in the shape of heart while there are others which are round to seem as if they are pearls. You can also find other catchy shapes that suit your taste and match the occasion that you are going to attend. Glass beads are more used for crafting bracelets and earrings than necklaces. In order to make glass jewelry catchier and more valuable, glass beads are framed with gold or silver.

You can easily purchase the glass jewelry that you want while being at home from online jewelry stores where you can find numerous designs, colors and shapes without the need to spend a long time like what happens at malls. You can also find different prices which allow you to purchase the glass jewelry pieces that are offered at the best prices which suit your own budget. You have to bear in mind that the colors which you choose for your glass jewelry should match the colors of the clothes that you wear. It is recommended to pair glass jewelry in bright colors with dark colored clothes and dark colored jewelry with light colored clothes that you wear in different seasons especially in summer.

If you do not want to purchase glass jewelry, then why do not you try to make it on your own? In order to know how to make glass jewelry, you will first need to learn the basics. You will also need to get the tools and supplies which are essential for starting your project and they include glass saw, shaping tools, cutters, jewelry jig, pin vises and pliers. The supplies that you will need for crafting your glass jewelry include seed beads, clasps, crimp beads, bead caps, adhesives, colored glass beads and stones and you will also need wire or thread. After bringing the required supplies and tools, you will need to learn some techniques such as stitching, wire wrapping, stringing and wire knotting to finally be able to make your glass jewelry on your own.