25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Guess what is the biggest night of the year long and the most exciting of all? Yup, you guessed that right, it is the New Year eve and there is no need to say what is so exciting about it, for there are several reasons mixed up together; besides, since you were a little kid, you have been used to celebrating and partying during that night, did not you? Well, we all share the same experience.

You never really celebrate things on your own because it is going to be boring, but if that is how the day should go, then maybe you can turn up your TV and watch all of the movies playing about that special day and remember all of the happy moments you have had when you were younger, but actually that is not how you should be spending it; instead, you wait for that day to invite all your close friends and family members. Surely, it is an important day; it is the time when you say goodbye to a whole year with all its ups and downs, happy and sad memories, and all of the incidents that had taken place all year long. And we all love saying farewell by throwing a big party and make that last day of the year a memorable and unforgettable one.

In order to throw that party and spend the day perfectly, you will need to change up some decorations in your house to make it get along with the theme of the New Year’s Eve, however some decorations might require fat bucks that could mess up your whole budget and should that happen, you will not be happy with the celebration anymore. So forget about all the pricey materials that might empty your wallet and start using some tremendous DIY decorating ideas that will get you where you want without having to mess up your budget. Check out this list featuring several ideas that will help you decorate your house beautifully.

9  DIY balloons dipped in confetti 

Confetti is always the real evidence of celebration and no matter how old you are, you will always feel excited every time you find yourself in the middle of falling confetti, screaming your heart out for joy. In that case, you surely need confetti around the house for celebrating that day. There are several ways where you can use confetti for fun, but one of the entertaining ways is getting balloons, which are also fun on their own, and dip them in a pool of confetti. But, you need to decide whether your balloons are going to be filled with helium to float around the place or you will just let them bounce here and there. Why? Because the floating ones will not be able to hold a lot of confetti if you want them to stay up in the air while the other ones can be dipped with as much confetti as you want since they will not even have to resist the gravity. Ok, here is what you need to do; purchase a set of balloons, glue and, of course, lots and lots of confetti. Probably, you have guessed what is going to happen next, for it is plain easy; apply a thin layer of the glue at the bottom of the balloon, and make sure it is applied evenly for getting a perfect result, and then start picking a handful of confetti and stick them to the balloon. The amount of confetti you are going to apply depends on the kind of balloon-like we previously mentioned. Now you can have fun.

DIY-Confetti-Dipped-Balloons-675x1013 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Balloons-ConfettiFinal-675x450 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Confetti-Balloon-Invites-Confetti-fill-675x450 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

8  Champagne cups and classic hats 

Of course, you need your party to be fun as much as it can be, so you need to get some few materials around that will aid in making your plan a successful one. Besides, you definitely do not want to spend a lot of money to get fun materials, but you still do not want to look cheap in front of all the people you already invited to your home. As a consequence, you can get these materials, like hats and champagne cups of course, from a local store where things can be obtained at a suitable price; besides, you will seem as if you have spent a fortune for making this party worth it and we promise it will be worth it. For even doubling the fun, get some low-priced plastic cups for champagne and aim for the ones that look colorful and fun, so they can go according to your decoration’s theme. Distribute this fun stuff to everyone and let the fun begin.

Hats-for-the-New-Year-675x446 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Champagne-cups-675x341 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

7  Paper twinkle lights 

As luck could have, Christmas is just a few days before the New Year’s Eve and you probably have bought some stuff for decoration as well, so you can use some of those stuff on this night too. Get some paper lights in several shapes and string them out across the ceiling of your living room to get a sparkling and magical space under which you can party all night long. Do not hesitate to put a lot of them across the whole room because, trust us on that one, the room will look even more exciting as soon as the lights are turned off and your stringed lights start sparkling.

Light-strings-675x675 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Paper-light-strings-675x1013 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

light-strings-2-675x675 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

6  Lanterns covered with glitter 

These lanterns might require more effort and take time, but do not let that stop you from taking that step, for they are worth the effort. You will first need to get some items that you will need, including a round white paper lantern, glue that is specialized for sticking the glitter, foam brush applicator, and, of course, glitter, preferably silver and make sure to never go for the expensive kind, for you will need a lot of it and you do not need to spend all this money. Besides, it is totally up to you to either do a lot of lanterns or only one that is relatively large. After you have already bought all of the essential materials, you are definitely ready for the next step.
Now, you will need to use the brush applicator for applying several layers of glue and in large sections, so you can cover the entire thing. Then, scatter the glitter all over the areas that you have glued and shake the lantern to spread them all around. Keep on repeating this process until you are done with the whole lantern then let it dry. After that, you will be able to enjoy the glittery touch of your disco-like hanging ball.

glittering-Lanterns 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

5  A rainbow garland 

Thanks to all of the DIY projects, the ideas of decoration seem to never end. One more adorable and economical idea is making a colorful garland with the easiest ways possible. You will not have to spend a fortune for getting such a delightful idea done, but in a point of fact, you will just need a plenty of drink umbrellas that are in a lot of different colors. These umbrellas are obtainable at any local store that has party supplies and they are not pricey at all and; you will also need a metal base that is rounded or create it all by yourself if you are able to. After getting those little endearing drink umbrellas, start placing them over the metal wreath base; you can just hang the wreath that way if you want to keep things simple or you can add four glittery numbers that stand for the New Year that is ahead of us, waiting to approach.

New-Year-wreath3 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

4  Prayerful candles 

Candles are always nice and delightful when it comes to decorating the place, but to add them to your decoration, you might need to rev their appearance up a little bit and this can actually be done in the easiest ways possible. Get several prayerful, or votive candles, as they are commonly known, along with a set of metallic thumbtacks in any color you prefer. Easily guessed, apply the metallic, preferably gold, thumbtacks to the candles in order to make them look more festive and jovial. You can also pray while having them lit, raise your wishes with their flames; nothing can be better than a hearted prayer among your closest ones on one of the most beautiful nights of the year.

Prayerful-candles-675x450 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

3  Gleaming streamers 

Streamers are a modern twirl that you can happily add to your decoration, for they are so easy to make, but are able to make you happy though. Add rounded ticker tapes flowing one after another along a traditional streamer and it is a great idea if you started with the big ones and then get the ticker tapes smaller and smaller on your way down to the bottom of the streamer. They will add a fabulous decoration for your New Year’s Eve party and that is exactly what you are looking for.

new-years-streamers 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

2  Glitter glass luminaries 

Make use of the old glass vases and jars that you’ve had hanging around useless by scattering a lot of glittering inside that jar, shake it so the glitter gets sprinkled around, and then add little votive candles at the bottom of it. Now, you can stir a great impression with as little cost as possible.

Glitter-Glass-Luminaries-675x504 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

Glitter-glass-luminaries-2-675x913 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

1  Splendid champagne glasses 

Get the glasses of champagne that you already have, and buy some craft paints with glitters in your preferred colors and a foam pounce. Clean your glasses and make sure they are dry, and then start to apply the foam pounce to cover the glasses with glitter evenly. You will need to apply several coats of paint, but wait at least one hour for the first coat to dry before applying the second one. Do as many glasses as you want.

glitter-goed 25+ New Year Eve Decoration Ideas for a Blasting Party

These DIY decoration ideas can be easily done and without having to spend a lot of money, but most importantly, pay more attention to the memories you will be creating on that day and the jokes that are going to be shared, for these are what remain memorable. Blast it.

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