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25 Awesome & Affordable Full Finger Rings “Armor Rings”

Nothing is better than wearing something which is catchy, weird and affordable at the same time but how to get it? Full finger rings are your solution for getting what you want. It does not matter whether you are a boy or a girl because in both cases you will be able to wear these full finger rings which are not especially made for men only. Full finger rings are also know as knight rings, armor rings, medieval rings, Gothic rings and skull rings. They differ from other traditional rings that are usually worn by men and women. They cover your finger and this is why it is enough for you to wear just one full finger ring without wearing any other accessories on your hand. Full finger rings vary in their designs, decoration and even their length. Most of the full finger rings cover the whole finger starting from the base of the finger to the fingernail or just below the nail, but what about the other designs which are presented to him and her?


There are full finger rings that cover part of the finger from the base to the second knuckle joint only without covering finger nails and this may seem more comfortable for you if you do not like the idea of covering the whole finger. Full finger rings are durable, light in their weight and can be found in different numbers of pieces and this depends on the length of the ring as there are full finger rings which consist of 2 pieces while there are others which consist of 3 or 4 pieces that are jointed in a special way to allow you to easily and comfortably move your finger.


Full finger rings which are made of sterling silver, pewter or even gold are presented in different designs to suit different tastes and personalities. The designs also differ according to the gender to which they are presented as there are rings that come in the form of skulls and oxen which are more suitable for men while there are other designs that are presented to women such as owls, snakes and leaves which are the simplest design.


You can rarely find a full finger ring which is made for men with being encrusted with diamonds because men always think that diamonds are more feminine. Full finger rings for women are adorned with diamonds, crystals and rhinestones to make the rings catchier and more fabulous. Although most of the full finger rings are more suitable for casual occasion, there are elegant designs that can be worn by different persons regardless of their age and are also appropriate for different occasions even the formal ones. It will be a perfect idea to choose any of these full finger rings to present it as a special gift to a friend or even a partner as they are the best unisex rings. Full finger rings are not just rings, they are pieces of art that decorate your fingers.


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