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24+ Most Stylish Boot Trends for Women in 2018

How are you going to choose your boots for the next year? Wearing boots is highly essential for protecting our feet and the lower part of our legs from cold weather. Shoes cover our feet but this is not enough especially during winter. For this reason, you have to prepare yourself for purchasing new boots for the next year. But how are you going to do this? How will you choose the most stylish boots? Depending on your taste and needs is not enough to decide the best boots for you. You have to check out the latest trends that are presented every year by famous fashion houses and designers all over the world. To make it easy for you to find what you want, we present to you the following 24 most stylish boot trends for the next year.

♦ Pointy toes

Those pointy toes may annoy you, cause pain to your feet and make you uncomfortable while walking. However, you have to know that this trend is one of the top boot trends that are presented to women for the next year. Boots with pointy toes are stylish and add a feminine look to your feet. So, what do you think of trying these boots with pointy toes at least on formal occasions to look more elegant?

♦ Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots are expected to be very common in the next year. Using laces is not limited to boots. They can also be found in other things we wear such as shoes and even the clothes that we wear. Lace-up boots were spotted at several fashion shows for the next year. They are perfect for decorating the lower part of your legs and making them catchier.

♦ Backless boots

With this trend, your feet will be warm but the back will freeze because it is not covered. In order to solve this problem you can easily wear socks which are also a hot trend for the next year. Ankle straps and laces are added to the boots with open heels to support your feet and allow you to comfortably walk.

♦ Studded boots

Do you want to get your boots decorated? Instead of wearing plain boots, you can wear those decorated ones. Boots are decorated in different ways. One of the most common ways for decorating boots is using studs. Studs are used in different sizes and they can be used for covering the whole boot or just parts of it.

♦ Mesh boots

Do you love boots? Do you want to wear them throughout the year? There is no problem at all. In the next year, you can freely wear boots at any time you like. This is because mesh boots are presented as one of the hottest boot trends. Mesh boots can be worn in different seasons even spring and summer seasons. They are very light, allow you to freely move and give your feet the chance to breathe. Mesh boots can be found in different stunning designs, so you can choose what makes your feet more gorgeous.

♦ Metallic shades

What about the colors that are presented for the next year? There are too many colors that you are going to find but the hottest ones are the metallic shades. Metallic shades were spotted at many fashion shows and the most common are the golden and silver boots. Using metallic shades can make your boots catchier and more impressive.

♦ Tiger stripes & leopard prints

Tiger stripes and leopard prints are among the most noteworthy boot trends you are going to find. They do not only appear on boots. They can also be found on shoes and the clothes that women wear as well. So if you love wild cats, you can opt for this trend.

♦ Cowgirl boots

What do you think of the Western style boots? Do you like those cowgirl boots? You can wear them in the next year to look stylish and more elegant. The cowgirl boots are left plain or decorated in different ways through using studs, chains or buckles to make the boots catchy.

♦ Dual tone boots

We usually choose one color that matches the clothes that we wear. But what about wearing dual tone boots? Dual tone boots are a big trend for the next year. They were seen at many fashion shows and are available in different designs and decorations to select what suits your taste and matches what you wear.

Other stylish boot trends you are going to find

Catchy prints “Floral & animal prints”

Thigh-high boots “To keep your feet and legs warm”

Knee-length boots

Over-the-ankle boots

Mid calf boots

Wooden heels

Chunky heels
Creative or sculptured heels for those who love unusual trends

High heels & platforms to look taller

Reptile skin boots

Suede, velvet and leather are the hottest materials for the next year

Using metal accessories such as buckles in different sizes for catchier boots

Embellished boots for adding a luxurious look to your feet