23 Funniest Print Ads

 Advertisements are very necessary for releasing a new product. There are two common types for the advertisements which are the printed ads and the TV ads. The TV ads are accompanied with animation that expresses and explains the advertisement, while the print ads do not have animation and every thing in it is stable and does not move. This difference makes it more difficult to design a Print ad than designing a TV ad. Print ads require more experience, innovation and proficiency.

 Some ads look traditional and ordinary, while the others look creative, funny and may be little bit ambiguous and require thinking. The funny print ads are more attractive than the ordinary ones, so the designers of the ads try to do their best to design ads that look unique in their themes and attractive at the same time. Here are some of the funniest ads that will make you laugh.

-Coca Cola light, when you pour it in the glass it will go up not down because it is light.

– Mini PEPSI cans for which you will use tiny pieces of ice.

-VW car that is very big and will allow you to put your huge bear.

-Vitamins for kids that will make your child more powerful.

-Sears optical that will make your eye sight stronger than before and will be as strong as the cat’s sight.

-Chocolate with whiskey that makes the little boy looks drunk.

chocolate-with-whisky-funny-baby-1-small-19026 23 Funniest Print Ads

-Nissan: Chickens that made a tunnel to escape from Nissan car and make way for it.

-Kayaking: The elephants fight to get the peanut.

-WMF knives that are sharper than what you can imagine to the extent that it will cut a fly to pieces.

-Bare Wet suits that will allow you to stay in water for along time.

-Wolf sauce that is put on a hand dryer. It is hot and make you puff like a hand dryer.

-Lifebuoy: this ad uses a dog in the shape of toast to show you that what you touch is like what you eat- you eat what you touch- the dog that you touch is like the bread that is eaten.

-Berlin’s fastest bike will make you in that way because of its high speed.

-Chipsfrisch that are weightless and will make your bag fly when you put Chipsfrisch in it.

-Adidas that will make anyone wear it. There is nothing impossible. 

-SBP will kill all the insects to the extent that the frogs will ask for work to get some food.

-Lazer bike helmets that will protect your head and if you had an accident, your head will be the only part that is not injured.

-Olympus optical zoom that will make any thing more closer and clearer than what you can imagine.

-Pringles that is so hot and make you fly the hot air balloon.

-Softlan that smells good and will make you forget yourself.

-Lowenbrau drink that makes you stronger.

– Chuppa Chups that does not contain sugar to the extent that ants will not notice and go towards it.

Sugar-Free-Chuppa-Chups-Ad-candy-76785_400_280 23 Funniest Print Ads

-Ephyoral: gets rid of the deadly smell of your foot.

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